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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Brighid in Autumn

Brighid in Autumn by northwoodsluna
Brighid in Autumn, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Wow, is it really that long since I blogged here? This has been a week! I loved having the long holiday weekend. It was a cold and damp labor day but the rest of the week has been in the mid 80s or warmer here in the northwoods. Soaking up the sunshine as much as I can. I packed a whole week's worth of work into the 4 days I worked, a couple of extra long days, (other than paperwork that's still looming but Monday is soon enough!).I was exhausted at every night.

When I wasn't working I was working on my Brighid project. I started and restarted a couple of times, the wall hanging is still in the plans but I did finish a watercolor that I worked on every day this week. I'm mostly happy with it. I've scanned it and next step will be to print it out on fabric or iron-on transfer and add beads, embroidery and maybe some quilting or trapunto work. I know I have some lovely autumn colored fabrics in my stash somewhere. I can't wait to get into the beads I bought at Michaels earlier this month!

Mostly life has been pretty uneventful for me this week.

I talked to John last night. The "X" is being kind of a nutjob. When they were preparing the divorce papers she signed a quit deed to the house and agreed that John would not have to refinance. Now she wants him to refinance because her banker at Bremer Bank told her they won't finance a house for her with her debt load even though John is now totally responsible for the house. He reminded her that she agreed she would not expect him to refinance the house, and suggested that she talk to another bank, like Wells Fargo etc.She told him "I don't want to, I bank with Bremer and that's the way it's going to be. You need to refinance!" John said she was calling him everyday yelling at him. He told her she no longer had the right to yell at him and suggested that she and Ralph get married and she'll have all the credit she needs. John said that he thinks that Ralph shut off the faucet now that she's divorced. She threatened John with reopening the divorce to make him refinance. He's a little concerned about what she and Ralph are telling Ashlyn. Ashlyn was crying the other night, "Mommy says she doesn't love you anymore." She's not eating like she usually does, and is suddenly afraid of everything. He knows he doesn't have any control over what she says to Ashlyn, but he still is insisting that no one say anything negative about the X in front of Ashlyn. He's starting to feel the anger that wasn't there before now that the shock has worn off. But he's doing pretty well all in all. I just wish I could kiss it and make it better for him like I did when he was a small boy.

I'm making veggie sausage and pepper hoagies for dinner tonight. But first I"m going to take a wee nap!

Life is good!

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  1. It is so terrible when kids have to bear a parent's acrimony. Why can't grown-up direct their anger at the person they are angry with and not do it in front of the child..? Don't they realize what it does to a kid..? Don't they care..?

    I have seen this happening once too often. People ask me if I ever speak against my ex to my kids and are surprised when I say I don't. Why should I screw up the mind of my own child merely so I can prove what a non-person their father was..? They'll find out eventually anyhow. As my eldest one has found out in the past one year when she's had to live with him in Bombay. Now she asks me, 'how did you tolerate him for 12 years?'

    I think there ought to be a one year intensive training for all would be parents. Perhaps then we'll be able to raise some confident children who don't have a whole load of baggage sitting on their shoulders all their lives. Sigh.

    If only....