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Friday, September 2, 2011

Freya/Frigga:It's all "FRIGG'N" Good!

I love Mary Englebreit, recently a client gifted me with two packets of Mary Englebreit note cards, this is one of them I scanned this morning to post with my blog entry. I don't ordinarily accept gifts from clients, explaining boundaries and such to them kindly in my refusal, but there are times when it seems appropriate and actually therapeutic to do so. The client who gave them to me found them at a garage sale and remembered that I do love Mary Englebreit, I've used some of her art to illustrate skills I try to teach them. This client has difficulty reaching out to anyone, and so her gesture was especially wonderful! When she gave me these note cards (and another that I will most certainly use), she said that she thought of what I have taught her about being happy. I was moved by this show of progress! She has a son with Aspberger's and is probably an "undiagnosed" Aspby herself. Today I'm using this card with another family to write their "homework" assignment inside and hand it to them at the end of the session. In today's session we are going to make bracelets to reinforce the skills I intend to teach in today's session. I think that the family I'm seeing will enjoy this. I bought leather cords and an assortment of beads to use for this at Michael's on Monday. I wrote the following to a friend this morning: Today is Friday-Freya's Day/Frigg's day, goddess of love, beauty, fertility, gold, witchcraft, war, and death. I lay claim to all of those things this day. I claim them all for myself. I feeling the need to call on some good old Norse magic today! It's been a week...time to climb out of the melancholy I have been feeling this week and have a FRIGG'N good long holiday weekend! Besides I rather fancy Freya's cloak of feathers and would like to wear that for a while! :-) I have been a bit blue this week. Due to my reluctance to let summer end, and if I am honest, because of the sting from the ex daughter-in-law's spiteful manipulations to get back at John by arranging for Ashlyn to go to HER mother's house for the day rather than allow me to come down and care for Ashlyn while John has a Football Fantasy Draft (Party) to go to. It's very childish but I suppose that the fact that her two sisters joined HIS league rather than hers, hurt her and out of her pain she is lashing out in the only way she can. I had looked forward to spending time with Ashlyn. She also has told John that she does not want him speaking to her parents at all. Silly! Her parents and her family all love John, and he them. So I am going to plunge myself into art for the long holiday weekend and spin gold out of the ashes of disappointment. I will make beauty in the alchemy of art, revel in all the love of friends and family, put to death my distress, spin gold out of ashes, and make war in the sense that I am back on track with exercise and nutrition, both of which have fallen to the side in my grief over the breakup of my son's family. It's all FRIGG'N good though, I'm reclaiming my sense of serenity, my sense of joy in the little things, my intent to be happy! It occurred to me this morning that like peace, happiness does not happen in the absence of storms and trials in life, rather it happens in the midst of them, the eye of the storm. It is then we chose to find moments of calm, moments of contentment, moments of gratitude, moments of joy in the sacred ordinary. I'd forgotten that much of this past week. So today I chose to be at peace, to be happy, to be thankful. Life really IS good!

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  1. Oh Luna..! You are such a happy HAPPY soul..! I am so very sorry to learn of your trials. But as you have so eloquently said, happiness happens in the eye of the storm.

    I was so surprised when your link on my blog landed me here. I thought I'll be taken again to the Live Journal blog. I thought I'll try once more to see if it accepts my comment. But I landed here... for which thank God. :)

    The first time when I read you at Live Journal, I SO wanted to thank you for the sense of peace and calmness that your words infused in me. How patient and wise you are! How very humble and approachable! Truly, I must thank Karen for being the conduit between us.

    Re your son's troubles... I truly pity people who are so TIED to their insecurities and baggage. I wish they would realize that the only way you can create pain for others is to live in the middle of that pain, cut off from all human contact. You make yourself into an island in a sea of pain. I wonder why people think it is worth it. It makes me so sad to see that.

    For sure I'll be visiting this blog frequently now. And as you always say- Life is GOOD.

    Bless you Luna... <3