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Sunday, September 11, 2011

I went to bed early last night and had the most wonderful night's sleep. It's probably a good thing I signed off the computer early in the evening. My daughter sent me a message on Facebook telling me that she was flying out early this morning for a business conference in Boston, with a short layover in Philedelphia, (she has a business conference this week), that on this solemn day of remeberance she hoped security was good and the day uneventful.Being the mother I am I would have worried all night. I know that security is the highest it's ever been, that none of us are as naive as we were 10 years ago this morning, that people are alert and looking for anything, anyone, with the slightest appearance of "off". It may be paranoia, but just because we're paranoid doesn't mean there's no one out to get us. Goddess bless and protect all travlers and our country today and always! Julie Wren is pretty unflappable but she was feeling some apprehension about flying today. I broke out in a cold sweat when I read the message she sent me. Speaking of "travlers", I just finished last evening reading for the second time, a novel, THE OUTSIDE BOY by Jeanine Cummins, a story of Irish Travlers set in Ireland post industrial age, circa early 1950s She is a phenomenal writer! I loved the book so much I had to read it twice. I have 2 copies of it, one inscribed to me inside the cover by the author. It's a keeper. Last night I read Eve Ensler's play THE GOOD BODY. Yesterday was a productive but quiet and relaxing day. I finished the week's laundry last night, did the cooking for the day, Leftover sausage and peppers for lunch today! Salad and home made veggie pizza for dinner tonight. The dishes are all done up and there will be few for me to wash today. Washing dishes...what I will be doing for eternity if there is a hell! I am going to church this morning. While I may not share all the views of the congregation there is comfort in a spiritual community when one's heart is anxious. Julie will be remembered in prayer for safety, and no fear This afternoon will be another quiet one of reading, cleaning up some of my clutter, maybe doing a page in my journal. Tom wants to have my Brighid painting matted and hung. We'll have to look for mats and frame at Michaels when we are in Fargo later this month. Life is good!

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