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Monday, November 5, 2012

It was a good weekend!

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Untitled, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.
Saturday was the best day!

We didn't get out as early as we had hoped but still were on the road by 8:30 AM. The driving was a bit slow for the first couple of hours as the roads were icy and there were lots of vehicles with hunters slowing down at every stand of trees to look for deer, grouse and wolves. (Saturday was the opening of Firearms Hunting of deer in Minnesota. Also the opening of wolf hunting season BLECH!!)

We got to Fargo a bit after 1:00 and stopped at Michael's to get some art supplies I needed to replace, then on to John's house. It was so good to see the kids! John, his friend Jay, Chuck, John's future father-in-law and Kasey's brother Matt were there building a privacy fence on John's yard for Kasey's dog Hailey. They got all but the gate done. The movers had been there in the morning with Kasey's furniture for the living room and bedroom. Paint samples taped up on the wall, things are changing there! The atmosphere in the home is so different, the energy is so changed! There's a feeling of warmth and welcome in the air. Kasey's sister Kristen and her daughter Cianna were also there when we got there. Ashlyn came bouncing out with her eyes dancing. The look she gave me was so precious! Casey's mom Nancy also came over and we had a nice visit. What a warm, intelligent, interesting family! We felt at ease right away!

It was so interesting to watch Kasey and Ashlyn together. Kasey is a great mom! Ashlyn loves her! Kasey is changing all our lives for the better. My family of origin is going to love this smart, funny, warm, genuine young woman! The more I get to know her, the more I love her! Ashlyn and I had cuddle time, and story time, and some art time. I've got new Ashlyn Art on my refrigerator. :-) Tom and I got home around midnight Saturday night. It took a while to settle down after we got home. Thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep Tom got due to the time change. He had his sermon done before we left so he actually got a good night's sleep.

Yesterday I was so exhausted! The previous week's running around for work, the colonoscopy on Thursday, a long work day on Friday, then the 8 hrs in the car and the energy of active play with a 3 year old did me in. I either pulled something while playing with Ashlyn, or slept wrong, but when I woke up yesterday my neck was so sore and stiff, I couldn't do much of anything without pain there so I skipped church, changed into warm pajamas and was lazy all day, reading and napping the day away, watching a bit of football with Tom. I needed a day when I didn't have to be "up" for anyone or anything. I did cook 4 lbs of chicken breasts for meals this week. I'm getting back on track this week, menus are planned and calories counted.

I've a plan for finishing getting caught up on paperwork this week, and will hopefully have some time for art as well! I need to prep my porcelain dolls for an altered dollar store doll ornies swap I'm hosting for Freakwerx!

My allotted hour of internet in the morning is passed, I've got to get to work now. Thankfully my only appointment is early afternoon today as there's no school due to "Deer Monday". The rest of the week will most likely make up for it. :-)


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