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Monday, November 19, 2012

Family Time :-)

I had a really good weekend and took today off to recover. I even got a bit of art time in this afternoon. Thank goodness it's a short work week, only 2 days this week as I've Thursday and Friday off for the holiday.

I drove to Fargo on Friday night after work and spent the night at John's. On Saturday morning John and Ashlyn and I drove to the Twin Cities for a family weekend with my other son and DIL Kay, and my mother and sister who were driving up from, Southern WI to join us. Great Grandma hasn't seen Ashlyn since October of last year so it was so much fun. I had such fun with the kids and my mom and sister.  They had a bit of difficulty finding the hotel Saturday night, but that's not *my* story to tell. :-) All was well in the end. We got a nice visit in before John and Ashlyn and I left on Sunday to return to Fargo. Noah and Kay brought Kay's mom Phyllis over to the hotel Sunday afternoon too. Noah and Kay had dinner with my mom and sister after we left.

We dropped Ashlyn off at her mom's before I unloaded my stuff from John's truck into my car to make the 4 hour trip back home. I got home about 11:00 PM last night, exhausted by the 7 hours in the car yesterday and a bit of a sleep deficit from the night before, but happy enough to make up for it. The hours I spent in the pool with Ashlyn really took a lot of energy. She loves the water almost as much as she likes books.  Noah and Kay came over to the hotel on Saturday night and came back again on Sunday. Mom and my sister stayed again last night so that they could see Julie this morning when her flight from her weekend in Las Vegas got in. Unfortunately Kasey wasn't able to come along for the weekend, she flew off to AZ about the time I got to Fargo  on Friday night. She was taking some well deserved R&R with girlfriends. While she and her friends were out on Saturday night they met Justin Morneau and that was pretty cool! My family is going to just love this girl!

Ashlyn loves her books of nursery rhymes; he has several and wants all of them read often. It's really funny to watch her pretend that she's reading the words when she's saying the words. She was awesome with all the changes to her routine (or lack of it for the weekend away).She's so funny! I enjoyed the cuddles and kisses and giggles.

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