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Thursday, August 16, 2012


Virtuoso 2 by northwoodsluna
Virtuoso 2, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

In a FB group to which I belong, FreakWerx, the challenge was to alter a cabinet card to create a superhero. This is mine. Fun!! And the first thing I've done in my new studio!


REAL IDENTITY: Victor Virtue, mild mannered music teacher in a small Midwestern town middle school where he struggles to make music available to all children in spite of apathy and government cuts to funding of the arts in schools. On school breaks and holidays he travels the world over hobnobbing with writers, artists, musicians and has been credited with numerous muse like inspiration of those individuals.

ALTER EGO: Superhero Victor Virtuoso.
POWERS: Mind Control, telepathy, animal control, inspiration. As Virtuoso, when playing violin, Victor is able to soothe savage beasts and employ them to assist in the righting of wrongs. It is reported that he has the ability to silence Teabaggers and Bigots; can use the telepathic power of persuasion to convince Republicans to open their own purse strings to support the arts, to abolish tax loopholes that benefit the already wealthy, to equalize taxes between rich and poor, and to open government coffers to support social programs that aid the unfortunate and needy. Virtuoso has perfect pitch and when singing can use his heretofore unequaled vocal range to manipulate/open/shatter/bring down large objects, both natural and manmade.
SIGHTINGS: Most recently seen on the roof of the Vatican where he was almost apprehended while playing violin in an attempt to convince the Pope to have his own babies. Unfortunately he was interrupted before the crescendo that might have changed the Pope’s recognition of women as equals.

SOURCE OF POWER: Electrocuted while listening through headsets to an old vinyl recording of Vivaldi during a thunder storm, in an attempt to drown out the annoying country music played by his brother.

WEAPONS: voice and violin, the bow of which is made from the tail hairs freely given to him by a white mustang stallion in Wyoming; this seems to enhance his ability and power.

TRANSPORTATION: Able to teletransport on a melody played on his violin, but prefers traveling by train when possible.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Karen! I hope we do one of those swaps again, this was fun! xo

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Cindy!! He was fun! But I fear now that I didn't use an actual cabinet card! I think in the rush of the summer, work, company and setting up the studio I had a brain fart! Oh well, I hope whoever gets him isn't disappointed! It is a really really old photo so perhaps they won't be disappointed!
      Happy Monday!

  3. Luna, your Virtuoso is fantastic! Really love him! His source of power, made me laugh! "Annoying country music" ! LOL! Take Care ;o)

    1. Thank you lovely "crowlady"! Dang I love your crows! xoxo
      Have a wonderful art-full week!! <3<3