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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to Work Today...

Back to reality today after a wonderful 4 day weekend with the dearest of friends who were such easy company! My beloved MoonSis Dawn Marie, her daughter Victoria, and Victoria's gorgeous collie Juliet arrived around dinner time Friday evening. I'd picked up rotisserie chicken and salads from the grocery deli as we were unsure of arrival time so no fuss for dinner. Vic and Juliet slept in the study, Dawn Marie in my office.

Introducing Bear and Juliet was an interesting experience! Vic is like "the dog whisperer". I had worried about Bear not being "nice" to Juliet, but we need not have worried! They loved each other after Bear let her know what his boundaries were. She even got the old guy to play and they became good friends very quickly. Yesterday he grieved after they left, to the point of being sick. Dawn and Vic did some grooming on Bear while they were here, the old fart looks pretty spiffy now. Lots of healthy yummy chews and snacks left for Bear.

Dawn brought me some lovely gifts! a Fairy globe, a ceramic face for my altar, some really hysterical teabags Genious & InsaniTea (with Warhol, Picasso, Dali, VanGogh, and Joseph Beuys with whom I was not very familiar but am finding interesting as I learn more about him.) She also brought me a fun pair of Loon earrings that I wore Sunday and will get a kick out of wearing.

Saturday Dawn and I went to Warroad to the grocery store for her to pick up a few items that she can't find in Canada. That's always fun to look at the grocery store through new eyes and realize that even our simple local market might be an interesting stop for items we take for granted. It's interesting to go to the store with our friends when they come!

Lunches were sandwhiches with deli meats and chips. Saturday night Dawn took us out for dinner at what we think is the best dining available in our area, at Rock Harbor Lodge. Casual dining at a resort on the lake. We had such a grand time! We bought them hoodies at the resort as the evening was quite cool and they were needed for star gazing Saturday night! We went out into the country to look at the meteor showers. What a grand thing! We had such fun! It's a good thing we did that Saturday because Sunday we had heavy rain and cloudy skies in the evening.

Sunday Dawn and I went to church, Vic was not feeling well so stayed home but was feeling better late afternoon so we took a ride into Baudette to the grocery store. Sunday evening we cooked dinner and then shared a bottle of Mad Housewife wine (a pleasant merlot) and watched Bridesmaids. What a silly fun movie.

Yesterday Dawn and Vic and Juliet left around 8AM for the trip back to Regina SK via Grand Forks and Minot ND, for stops at the pet stores and Target, the dog park. They got home around midnight our time last night. What a long day in the car for all of them! After they left I cooked/froze 10lbs of beets and 5lbs of green beans and took a nap in the afternoon. The weekend felt like a vacation!

I still have to get my studio set up to my liking and comfort before I can feel free to do some art work but this week I should be able to do so. I am going to spend most of today working on paperwork to get caught up.

The grand household purge continues. We've three closets left to clean out, the basement and the garage. Tom has to go through the hundreds of books in his office to pare down his library but got rid of tons of papers and magazines, and junk that had piled up to make his office look like an episode of HOARDERS. I am going to get him a Nook or a Kindle so that he can receive his magazines electronically and store them more easily. I think he will really like that once he gets used to it. So much more portable and as we look toward retirement in a few years which will mean moving, he will thank me for it! LOL

The nights have gotten very cool and the weather this week has been so pleasantly cool with highs in the mid 70s, after the high 80s and 90s of the past month this has been welcome for many, but I do confess to liking it warmer. I thought I'd never say that, but tis true! The heat doesn't bother me like it did in previous years. I'm thankful we had a true summer this year!

I can not put it off any longer, I must get off the computer and get to work. I have a light week appointment wise so plan to use the time to get all paperwork caught up. We leave on our vacation September 2nd after church services, we will return September . How wonderful it will be to be on the road with all work caught up and sent in! I closed with 2 families last week, will close with another this week. I did start with one new family last week, and that is the only one I'm seeing weekly at this point.

Life is good!!

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