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Friday, August 17, 2012

Sunshine and Sunflowers...

Untitled by northwoodsluna
Untitled, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Today was a gorgeous day. The feeling of fall is in the air but it was sunny and bright! I passed by several fields of sunflowers this afternoon on my way home from consultation meeting in Roseau with the Delicious Dr. D. and my colleagues Anna and Kendra. I stopped to take this pic for a friend who loves sunflowers as it made me think of him. 

I had an appointment in Baudette with a family this afternoon, the mom got called into work but wanted me to go ahead and meet with her teenage son. I took him out for his choice of ice cream or a snack at the restaurant of his choice. I swear, I'm a firm believer in ice cream therapy. The young man talked to me about some really meaningful things, hurts, disappointments, plans, dreams, we talked more in that hour over ice cream than we have in total to date!

It's been a long day, we're cooking sweet corn and BLTs for dinner tonight. 



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    1. They were yummy! If you lived closer you could come over for dinner this week when we'll have a repeat!! xo