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Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday Again....

It's Monday soon??? It was a lovely relaxing weekend! I'm having difficulty getting motivated to get back to work this morning.

I had a great night's sleep Friday and Saturday nights, but last night I didn't sleep as well as I had been. The dreams I am having from Chantix are very wierd and vivid, and a bit unsettling. I'm on day 6 of the medication, have cut way down on the number of cigarettes I smoke in anticipation of my quit day the day after tomorrow. I am tolerating the medication well thus far with none of the side effects other than the vivid dreams which aren't so awful, just so real that when I wake up I have to make myself remember whether that was a dream of if it really happened. LOL

Saturday Tom and I got up and went out for breakfast before going to the Farmer's Market and running some errands in Baudette. Breakfast was delicious and so cheap! We don't go out to eat all that often anymore, so twice in a month is quite unusual! At Farmer's Market we picked up some lovely fresh organic vegetables and artisan breads, cheese curds, and I bought a pair of earrings (Moonstone) and a bracelet (moonstone and Russian Amethyst), very inexpensive, and some lovely flowers.At the hardware store I bought some more sterlite boxes to continue organizing my studio. I took a LONG nap on Saturday afternoon. Saturday night Tom fired up the grill; we grilled yellow squash and corn to have with some of the cheese curds and a fresh baguette for dinner Saturday night. Oh so good!

Yesterday I got up and did the dishes from the past few days, the houseboy has been neglecting his duties! Ha! Then church and coffee hour after. Church always drains me so I ended up taking another long nap yesterday afternoon. We had BLT wraps for dinner. We watched the premier of a new series on BBC America last night, COPPER, about an Irish Cop in NYC circa 1864. I think this may be a series we continue to watch. We enjoyed the first program very much.

Today I have only one session with a client on the books, the week looks fairly light but that can always change of course. Next week may be busier with an extra couple of collaborative meetings on the agenda. I'm crunching this week to get caught up on paperwork that I fell behind on again while working on the house and getting ready for company. We still have quite a way to go to finish the great household purge of 2012.


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