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Saturday, July 21, 2012


ART TIP: I have longed for a lazer printer for art projects. Whereas lazer printers are probably affordable, the cartridges are extremely expensive and cost prohibitive for me to think seriously about a purchase. The prints from my inkjet printer, while very clear tend to bleed/run if I want to use them in collage. I discovered by experimentation this week, images/text printed on inexpensive matte photo paper, and then sprayed with PYM (Preserve Your Memories) worked awesome! I was so happy to play and discover this worked very well for me in a collage project! PYM also adds a bit of archival property to the images/text, always a plus for those who are concerned with such things. (I'm not, as I don't figure anything I create is of heirloom quality. LOL) I really like PYM, and have been sealing many of the things I do with that spray. The downside is that it smells when sprayed so I do it outside on the porch where there is good ventilation. The smell is gone when the items dry. 

I'm not sure who to credit for the photo, so if you know who it is please inform me so I can do so! I love Sunflowers, I love Rumi, I love people who can see the gray areas where the circles of rightdoing and wrongdoing intersect. I know so many people who are tortured by their circumstances that lie somewhere between what they've been indoctrinated by society, religion or philosophy of others are "right/wrong". I have a very dear and beloved friend in particular whom this picture brought to mind.  

It's been a very good week.

I've started "the grand purge" of the house, it's going to take weeks but every little bit is a baby step towards my goals of an organized house and A STUDIO OF MY OWN. :-)

Wednesday night my brother Patrick called, he said, "You are the most artistic and creative person I know. Dylan (one of our very talented musician nephews) needs a logo, is that something you could do?" I was surprised and thrilled! (And inside that inner critic voice snarls in that snarky whisper many of you are familiar with, "You can't do that! You're not good enough, you don't really have any talent, you're just a poseur and a wannabee artist." BTW I did tell that ugly hag to Shut the F*** UP and go back to the shadows where she lives!")

Thursday night Ashlyn's godmother Nancy was watching Ashlyn for a bit while John was engaged elsewhere. She helped Ashlyn send me voice messages on HeyTell to which I responded. What a fab Ap!! If any of you with droids or similar smartphones don't have it, you must try it out. So much easier than texting and hearing the voice, inflection, tones, is so wonderful! I now have Ashlyn's voice to cheer me when I need a lift! #1 "I miss you Grammy" #2 "Will you come visit me Grammy?" Nancy said that Ashlyn was delighted!

Yesterday I drove to Roseau for one of my twice monthly lunch/consultation with the delicious and brilliant Dr. D. and my colleague Anna to staff cases. That is always fun! Yesterday was a 90degree day with an index of 100+ due to humidity, but it was a lovely day for a drive and the AC in my car works well. I drove backroads and discovered fields of sunflowers, one of my favorite things! How I love them! I thought of stopping to take a pic but the heat dissuaded me. 

I had to see a family in Baudette in the afternoon after my return from Roseau, it was so blasted hot that we cut the session short so the could go swimming to cool off. I had some errands to run after that before coming home. Going in and out of businesses with AC into the heat and hot car resulted in a headache and wore me out. It was lovely to come home and change into something cooler and crank up the ACs and fans, and just unwind for a bit. Everyone everywhere was so cranky with the heat! While cooling off I called my mom and had a nice chat! She is so witty and fun to talk to!

Tom fired up the grill last night and was just about to put my veggie burger and some hotdogs on the grill when he discovered we'd forgotten the summer monthly potluck at the church next door. He cooked the burgers/hot dogs and then he went next door for a couple of hours. I chose not to go. 

It's time to get off the computer and get back to the Grand Purge so that I can have some art time this afternoon. Tom is going to grill chicken and corn for dinner tonight. I picked up a dozen ears from a very hot and sweaty young vendor who was standing by his pickup filled with corn picked that morning, I felt so bad for him standing there in that hot sun without any shade. I bought him a huge lemonade slushy that I gave him after I bought the corn. He was so surprised! LOL RAKs are so much fun!

I hope any who read this have a wonderful weekend! 



  1. Sounds like your well busy again, so you may not have noticed that you won that lovely face painted by Pau...she just posted
    Karma kicks butt :D Your RAK has already been rewarded lol :D XXX

  2. Thank you Gina! I did just this morning notice I'd won the giveaway! How thrilling! I hope you're having a truely lovely weekend! xoxo