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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Altered Canvas for Freakwerx Swap

The challenge was to obtain a thrift store canvas and alter it for a swap in Freakwerx. This is a print on canvas by Harvey Dunn who painted scenes from South Dakota and the plains. It hung on our wall for a number of years and was looking rather sad and faded. We saw prairie dogs and gophers devastate fields the year we lived in South Dakota and some ranchers/farmers referred to them as "killer prairie dogs". The title of the painting is "Bringing Home Supper" The quote by Earnest Hemingway seemed to fit. It was a fun piece to do.

I should be working today but am taking a day of PTO to do some decluttering around the house/closets/garage/basement. The garbage people delivered a big trailer yesterday so I am going to get started on filling it this afternoon. I think it needs to be 3 Xs the size to accomodate all our junk! Motto of the next week...NO MERCY!!



  1. Awesome canvas Luna! That quote is positively scary...but works wonderfully :D XXX

  2. Thanks Gina! This was so much fun!

  3. well done! that's hilarious. I love that it's a painting your already owned, that just makes it even better.

    1. Thanks Karen! It really was fun!

  4. Hi Luna, your art is wonderful :) please contact me at you're the winner of my giveaway. I'll wait for your info. xo

  5. Thank you so much Pau!!!!
    I'm thrilled and have just e-mailed you my info from my yahoo account.
    Have a lovely day! xoxo