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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Fun Times In Fargo!

Daddy's "Mini-Me" by northwoodsluna
Daddy's "Mini-Me", a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Wow! Time sure got away from me the last week and a half! Up until Sunday we have had hot hot hot weather. I just couldn't sit in front of the computer for very long when it was so hot. I was feeling ill a lot last week. I had a bit of a bug of some kind but woke up Friday morning feeling really good. I don't think it was the heat that was bothering me although I was quite drained by the end of the work days, so many of my clients live in trailer homes or hot stuffy tiny houses with no AC.

I had a really lovely long weekend! Friday Tom and I drove down to Fargo in separate cars. He had to come back on Saturday to be ready for church services on Sunday. I was not returning until Sunday evening as John needed me to watch Ashlyn Rose on Saturday and Sunday. Noah and Kay were also up from the Twin Cities for the weekend so it was great to see our sons and our daughter in law Kay!

We got to John's about 5PM and Ashlyn was so happy to see me. Dang, she's a delight! Noah and Kay got there about 8PM and John grilled T-Bone steaks and potato vegie packets. Captain Morgan was consumed in copious amounts! 4 of John's friends were there for dinner as well. Great fun! We stayed up late talking, it was going on 2AM when I went to bed, Tom and the boys stayed up talking until 4AM.

John was also working on the patio that he is building while we were there. Saturday "the kids" went to the race track for the day. It was so hot, at 101 degrees but the heat index was so much higher! Ashlyn wanted to walk to the playground but all the playground equipment was too hot. Tom left about 3:00 to drive home. Noah and Kay came home early from the race track so I got some time alone with them to chat. That was so nice! John got home about 6ish. We went down to the neighbors for pizza for dinner later on. I conked out before 11 on Saturday night and slept until almost 9 Sunday morning. John went back to the race track with his friends on Sunday and got home shortly before 6 to take Ashlyn to her mothers house for the next couple of days in the rotation. He had a date Sunday night. I imagine that poor guy was really exhausted! He and Kasey are still trying to work things out in their relationship. I hope that it works out if that is what's best for them. I had opportunities to talk with him while I was down for the weekend.

Ashlyn....I could gush about her...on and on and on... but suffice it to say that she continues to be such a joy! She reminds me so much of Julie at that age, she chatters on and on. It's a delight! She's very much like her dad too, his little "mini-me". She's a very happy child. It was hard to say goodbye. I left Fargo about 6PM and got home right around 10PM

I wisely took yesterday off figuring I would be pretty exhausted. I was right! But it was a good and happy exhaustion! :-)

I have been working on an altered canvas for a Freakwerx Swap. It was due Sunday but dear sweet Judah gave me a bit of extension. I just didn't get it finished before I left for the weekend. I screwed up a part of it so am trying to figure out how to "make it work" anyway.

Today was an easy work day. My 1:00 cancelled, so I had only one family session at 3:30 today. My schedule these days is like having gone from feast to famine. I've closed with some families and cut back with some to every 2 or three weeks right now. I'm soooo enjoying the change of pace! So many families are on vacation, or going to one of numerous county fairs in the area, kids at camp etc. Burn out has been averted for now!

Tom called to arrange to have a big dumpster/trailer delivered so we can begin the great household purge. I am so looking forward to getting rid of clutter and junk! NO MERCY! The plan is to clear things out, and then turn Julie's room into my studio since she seldom comes home anymore. I need the studio! I'm so looking forward to having that space of my own! :-)


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