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Friday, July 27, 2012

Summer Love...

Summer Love... by northwoodsluna
Summer Love..., a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

I am loving the summer!

I don't know where the week has gone! It was hot again earlier in the week, we've had a respite yesterday and today with temps in the mid 70s. Yesterday we finally got some good rain! Awesome thunder too! Loved it!

Still working on the grand purge. Didn't get much done yesterday. I spent a couple of hours at the clinic/hospital visiting my NP Becky, and getting all those lovely things done that ladies enjoy so much! ;-) I got my prescriptions renewed and also got a prescription for Chantix to quit smoking. I hope I can tolerate it, some people have bad side effects. My NP thought I could probably tolerate it. I'll quit that if it doesn't sit well. All my lab numbers were amazingly good! My BP was high when I got there, probably anxiety, but had gone down to normal again at the end of my visit when Becky's nurse Molly took it again.It's good to have all that behind me for a while so long as the mammogram and PAP come back okay.

Earlier this week I bought Kilz, paint and celing paint to paint the ughly old paneling in the room that will be my study when I finally get it ready to paint, hopefully start that this weekend! I chose Robin's Egg Blue because we won't be here forever and the people who come after probably wouldn't appreciate the coral tones I really wanted to paint it. I will go back to buy Carribean Blue for the trim/woodwork after I get the room painted. (Valspar Paints) I intended to finish cleaning out the room this afternoon, but Tom and I went out to friends' garden to pick green beans, zuchinni, yellow squash, chard, red and green romaine. I made lunch when we got home, strawberries, feta cheese, sliced almonds, Boca Chix patty cut up, and strawberry vinaigrette. Then decided to take a 15 minute power nap, that turned into 2+hrs. Geesh! I felt so groggy when I woke up! So the day was a wash as far as getting the room done. My job got in the way of the grand purge this week. But we have some lovely veggies and got a great workout in the garden this morning! Really feeling it tonight!

We cooked dinner on the grill tonight; Zuchinni slices marinated in Wishbone Light Italian Dressing, foil packets of green beans, (onion, a tsp of EVO, Applewood smoked Sea Salt, fresh ground pepper and FRESH GARLIC from another friend's garden), foil packets of potato (with green pepper, onion, fresh garlic, sea salt and ground pepper.) We ate every bit of it for dinner tonight. I LOVE grilled veggies! Our old charcoal grill is still in good shape after 20 years! So glad to have a "chimney" to start the coals so we don't have to use that obnoxious lighter fluid anymore! The food tastes so much better!

Tom has a wedding this weekend, I'm glad that I don't have to go anywhere this weekend unless I get up and go to Baudette to the Farmer's Market tomorrow morning. I might do that.

I'm jonesing for some art time but am feeling rather uninspired at the moment and probably won't be able to relax enough to do any until I get my art stuff moved and orgainzed upstairs. But that's OK :-)



  1. I'll probably go to the market too tomorrow.

    btw, did you get your bookmarks yet? As I'm no longer on FB, I cannot check there to see if you all received them.

  2. YES!! They came in today's mail! I plan to post a pic here tomorrow. Fun!! Love the bookmark you made, so delicate! Thanks for hosting! xo