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Friday, April 27, 2012

She Loves to Swing!

I love to swing! by northwoodsluna
I love to swing!, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

The highlight of my week was the picture of Ashlyn that John sent to me via my Blackberry. The photo was taken at a nearby park in Fargo where she loves for Daddy to take her to play. Ashlyn has decided that she won't swing in "the baby swing" any more. She also requested a "real baby doll" for her birthday. Signs that she is really growing up. The joy on her face is contagious!

I am so rushed for time this week. My days have been really long, I'm exhausted every night and not sleeping well a lot of the time as clients invade my dreams. But the bigger paychecks are great. I have one more payment on a huge consolidation loan I took out 6 years ago, that I've paid back in less than 6 years, the payment schedule was set to take 8 years. So I feel good about that. I miss spending time posting to my blog. I've been hitting the floor running right out of bed each morning and stumbling off into bed around midnight every night. The county and school social workers are overwhelmed, so many more kids are having really serious issues at younger ages and in increasing numbers.

Work is draining. I got two more referrals yesterday on top of the new one last week.I may not be closing at the end of May with one of the two families I thought I would be. So now I will have 11 cases. I'm supposed to be 3/4 time employed, in which a caseload of 6 is the norm. I have to figure out how to balance it all and not wear myself out, still find some time for household tasks, rest, art and craft time. Tom and I have seen very little of each other again this week. Tomorrow I have to give up my Saturday to go to an all day women's meeting at the church next door. Blech! It's just NOT my thing. Until Tom retires I just won't be free of that kind of thing. Saturday is usually my day to recoup after a week like this one. I resent having to give it up for this.

Today I have lunch consult in Roseau with Dr. D. and one of my colleagues. Then a stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up produce for the coming week. I have to take a salad for the lunch at church tomorrow. I'm going to make a greek salad. That won't take much time.

Tom and I are going to sit down one of these days and do menu planning to help us keep on track with eating healthier. The crazy schedule has resulted in lots of less than good for us meals that are quick and easy.

I'm off to do a quick check on e-mail before I get to some paperwork before I have to leave at 10 to drive to Roseau.


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