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Friday, April 27, 2012

Where Is Sister Mary?

Where is Sister Mary?
CAVEAT: If offended by vulgarity, hilarity, and irreverence, do not click on the link.

Who is Sister Mary?

The unofficial patron saint of lapsed Catholics and filthy-minded artists, Sister Mary Whatsername appeared to a group of friends during a dark and twisted art journal swap and stuck around for so long she became a mascot of sorts. No one really knows where she came from or if she is even a real nun; the only thing anyone can ever be certain of is that wherever there is debauchery to be had, Sister Mary will eventually be found. 
Sister Mary Whatsername is currently on the run. She was last seen in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico but is rumored to be somewhere in Australia hiding out until the uproar she created in Mexico dies down. Be on the lookout for this sex-obsessed, booze-swilling, chain-smoking, blasphemous, little beast! She is mostly harmless but does delight in causing scenes and has been known to instigate all matter of outrageous behavior then slip away into the twilight leaving her host to clean up the mess.

Sister Mary was last seen wearing a light blue habit with a gray wimple but may change it up once in a while. She is never without her cross or glasses. If you see this nun please gather photographic evidence of your interactions with her and make a report to this Facebook page as soon as possible. Only reports with photographic documentation will be seen as verification of a supposed spotting of Sister Mary.

Join in the fun with your own Sister Mary Whatshername. Find a printable for your own use, provided you  agree to share photo documentation of her adventures.

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