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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Little Monster

Little Monster by northwoodsluna
Little Monster, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

The monster is what I made for a Freakwerx group swap.

TERRI....YES, I got back early last week, the 2 pieces of mail I sent you in December. I will mail them to you at Mom's to make sure you get them!

I have been spending so little time online of late. My blogs are neglected, my family is neglected, my friends neglected. I snatch moments here and there to check e-mail, look at a short list on Facebook and a couple of art groups I belong to there. Every couple of days I read LJ, but haven't been keeping up very well. I've been working on getting back some of my spiritual "oomph", spending time in meditation, trying to make some time for art, but time for the latter seems to be harder to find.

I got another new referral, and am looking forward to the return of summer scheduling with some families. I'm closing with two families at the end of May, both of which were evening appointments as the parents worked til 5 each night. I love it when I can schedule mornings or afternoon and have my evening free to be home.

Today I'm working hard on cleaning my house, it's gotten so bad! I'll clean until late afternoon and then will spend some time working on an art project.

Busy as ever, but feeling better, recuperating from "compassion fatigue". :-)

Life is good!

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