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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Poems, Prayers and Promises

I can't sleep. It was a helluva week work wise, so much still going through my mind  tonight about it all. 

Tom and I had a really nice evening. He made beef stroganoff for dinner, it was divine! We served it over brown rice. I made a Greek salad as well. 

We had beverages out on the front porch after I got home from work, and talked for nearly 2 hours, dinner was late. It's been that kind of a month thus far, we've had so little time together to just sit and talk. We have the best conversations! We speak of books, poems, dreams, art, ideas, our children, small town life and all the small ordinary things of life woven into the strands of our confabulations. We really do like to just hang out. Tonight as I was looking back and smiling about the evening, I couldn't help but think of the old John Denver song POEMS AND PRAYERS AND PROMISES. How different it is to hear this song now at 60, than it was to hear it at 20. 

Another cup of sleepy time vanilla tea has been consumed, another melatonin is beginning to make me drowsy so off to bed I go again. 
Life is good!

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