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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

All that glitters calms me down.

Glitter/Calm Down Jar
I've spent hours and hours over the past couple of days trying to come up with the best version of the glitter jar for some young'ns I know. There are all kinds of "recipes" for this on the web with varying (unsatisfactory) results. This one I'm happy with, but wish I'd used blue instead of red (was trying to make it pink) So back to the pharmacy to by some more glycerine! One with plain water works too, but the glitter settles too fast for the intended purpose. I love it when my job has the fun bits in it! I'm still experimenting, but so far the best mixture is 1/2 glycerin and 1/2 water. The color blue works the best in these.

Tom finished the taxes about half an hour ago and so they are in the mail. We will be getting a modest amount back from both the state and feds this year

Time to go to work.

Life is good!

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