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Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Monday!

I made the most delicious squash curry for last night's dinner, the link is above. It was a labor intensive dish but was amazing!  I had to sub black beans for  chickpeas, and the veggies needed to cook about 10 minutes longer than the directions stated. I could have sworn I still had some cooked chickpeas in my freezer or a  spare can in the cupboard, but we eat so many of them that I'd probably tossed them in a salad for lunch one day. I served it with brown rice. We have a casserole full in the fridge for dinner another night.

Much of the last week has been all about the squash LOL  First the Calabacita I made for Monday's dinner with zuchinni. Then we had a huge hubbard squash to use up while it was still good. It must have weighed about 15 or more pounds. We had squash as a veggie for 2 meals, Squash soup for a hearty lunch another day. I baked extra to put in the freezer. Then I cut up the rest in cubes and slices to use in stir fry, yesterday's curry, and tonight will use up cubes roasting them first and then smashing with black beans for an enchilada dish for dinner. I say dish, because rather than roll them up I make a dish more like lasagna layering rather than rolling, I'm lazy like that. Tom made bread in the bread machine one day last week, to have with the delicious beef borscht he made for Thursday night's dinner. We'll have the leftover borscht for lunch today. 

I made a pot of chicken soup for Tom on Saturday. He's had the worst head and chest cold! I've spent a lot of time fetching and pampering. It really wiped him out! I've done what I can for him, assisting with some of his work where I"m able, giving lots of TLC, cups of tea with honey and lemon, and gave up my reclining love seat for his comfort. He's slept there the last 3 nights. I hope that he's feeling better this morning, he's still snoring away as I write this. I think I'm about OVER the Florence Nightengale gig! Ha! My hands are really chapped from all the handwashing and dishwashing of the past several days.  There's been little to no time for art, reading, TV or anything other than a few minutes snatched here and there to quickly read e-mails, Facebook status of a few, and a quick glimpse at LJ blogs. The days just weren't long enough and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow each night. I did work on the altered Barbie and Ken dolls that need to be sent by March 1st. I hope to finish them today and really need to spend time working on the journal for the round robin and get that out in the mail by the end of the week too. I fear being called Un-American confessing I had no desire or interest in watching the Oscars last night. The awards were fairly precictable, and I don't have any celebrity crushes except for Sam Elliot who I sadly missed last night. LOL Besides I was busy playing kitchen witch last night. 

Work last week was draining, mostly because I was plugging away on paperwork catching up for the month as the end of the month is quickly approaching! The snow we had last week made for some adventurous driving while out and about seeing clients. We had a snow storm this weekend, the worst of which went south of us. Another system is moving in tomorrow night, but will likely go south as well. I'm not complaining, the snow is pretty and we've had so little real northern winter weather this year. AND March 1st is so close! Today I have to make copies and mail to the office what I have done so far. A couple of clients are in crisis so it may be a busy week. At least at present there are no extra collateral meetings scheduled! I still have to schedule with 3 families this week. But I'm not going to do that today! Today it's about finishing up the paperwork and working on art. 

Life is good!

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