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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Find Joy in the Little Things

Today I plan to find joy in all the little things. I"m off to a good start so far. Bear came inside with snowflakes on his fur, that always makes me smile. It snowed last night, and we may get a bit more today, there are about 3 inches of snow on the ground. The snow is muffling the early morning sounds of the village waking up. I bought pink snow boots last winter and only wore them once. I may need to wear them today. Ordinarily I wouldn't buy pink but they were on clearance and if they must be big and clunky they might as well be pink. I think I need to paint polka dots on them to make them more interesting. :-)

Yesterday after work I stopped at the store to pick up a few perishables; they had bunches of these tiny bananas. Cool! I get to have a bit of banana a couple times a day. They're just so darned cute I had to take a picture of my breakfast banana.

I worked on a doll every minute I wasn't working yesterday and have a blister on my hand today from using a screw driver to drive screws into an altered Ken doll for the Freakwerx exchange. When I finish Ken I'll be nailing a Barbie-like doll to go with it.

Busy day today. It was so hard to return to work yesterday after having been off for so many days. I took work along on the road trip but didn't do any of it! So there's that, and getting my journal for a small round robin ready to mail in addition to working on the dolls every spare minute I'm not working on the day job.

Judah gave me his recipe for Calabcita; I made it last night to use up a couple of zuchinni in the veggie drawer. I had a bag of spinach to use up too so chopped that up and threw it in too. Zuchinni, onion, celery, corn, jalapeno, tomato, chili powder, ground chipotle, a bit of cumin, topped with some Mexican cheese blend, it was delicious and I didn't even mind the cooked spinach! ha! I also made Crash Hot Sweet potatoes to go with it to use up one of the sweet potatoes I had bought the weekend before we knew we were going to Uncle Dave's funeral.

Life is good!

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