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Monday, January 23, 2012


December 8
I only had 1 meeting today, I was to have staffing with two social workers today but when I got to the county office Dessa was going home sick. I met with Jodi but we only have 1 family that we both share so I was home and in my PJs for the day by noon.
I made a delicious soup for our lunch today, pureed a can of stewed tomatoes, mixed that with Campbell’s Tomato soup and a can of water, minced garlic, minced onion, basil, cayenne and black pepper. Quick easy and delicious, and it took the chill off. I got so chilled when I was out this morning.
I was running a fever this afternoon, still pushing Airborrne and vitamins and green tea. I’m feeling better tonight.
I was going to take a nap but Dan the Handy Man came back to finish the insulation. He wasn’t too noisy but the dog was freaking out barking and growling so I couldn’t sleep. Bear is so protective of me when Tom’s not home. Handy Man Dan is done and won’t be back.
Since I couldn’t nap I worked in my office. I got all my case notes through today caught up! Yay!!!
Tomorrow afternoon I meet with Dessa before meeting with her and the kid we had the team meeting about yesterday. I hope she feels better tomorrow poor girl!
All my paperwork will be caught up by day’s end tomorrow, 1 closing report to be written in the morning. There will just be the case notes to write tomorrow night from staffing the families with Dessa at 3PM, and the meeting with the kid after that at 4:15. What a relief it is to be caught up again.
I have to be in Fargo for a meeting at 10AM on Monday. It’s the quarterly command appearance I have to make for the staff meeting where we do quarterly Peer Review of files. I’m happy that all my files should be in good shape for that. We have the office Christmas party/luncheon after that.
Tom is going along with me to Fargo. He’ll do some shopping and probably go to Barnes and Noble’s while he waits for me to get done with the work stuff. We’ll do Christmas shopping for Oberg Christmas after that and then head home.
We’re enjoying the apples and oranges that were delivered last night. The oranges are so much fresher than what we usually get up here in the styx.
If I get the report written in the morning I’ll have a nice block of time to play with some artsy stuff before I have to leave at 2:30 for my last meetings of the week tomorrow.
Next week is looking like it will be less busy than the last two weeks as far as appointments and extra meetings go.
13 days til my Christmas vacation. :-)
**Since basically all I did was paperwork today I can’t for the life of me come up with 24 things for this post, I’m off to bed, soooo tired!

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