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Monday, January 23, 2012


December 7
I’m up again after sleeping about 3 hours trying a new tea, Celestial Seasons Sleepy Time Extra (it has valerian) I’m not a fan of the smell or taste of valerian but it’s worth a shot if it helps me sleep. The Melatonin sleep aid I’m trying works really quickly. I may have to keep some by my bedside for nights like this when I wake up after a while and need to sleep more.
Darn anxiety! Thank goodness I don’t have much trouble with it too often!
Tricia Anders gave a shout out to me on LJ to look at an Etsy Treasury featuring pomegranates. Beautiful things!! I would have loved to have ordered a couple of pendants, but I don’t have an extra $400 laying around. I ordered pomegranate seed lamp work beads. They’re lovely! This is going to be the year of the pomegranate I think. I had thought to choose “IF” for my word for 2012, but it appears as if it will be “Pomegranate”. (The year beginning November 28, 2011 to November 27, 2012)
The meeting with Probation, Social Services and parents this morning went well. I’m meeting with the kid and her social worker on Friday to go over the behavior contract that we all drafted today as a last ditch effort to prevent her from being placed in a corrections setting.
I cancelled my 3:00 appointment after I got a call this morning from the kid’s personal care attendant informing me that the kid had strep throat. The mother wasn’t going to call me to cancel. Duh!! I need strep throat about as much as a hole in the head. As stressed and worn out as I’ve been I think I’m a bit run down and thought it was good self care to cancel.
Handy Man Dan showed up this afternoon. It disrupted the flow of getting paperwork done but he had to get into the dormer above my office to get it ready to insulate. He’s a nice guy but I was a little unhappy. Years ago for my birthday a dear friend gave me a beautiful big abalone shell and a little wooden rack to hold it. Somehow while he and his assistant were up in my office they managed to break them. I think they dropped something on them. I used it for smudging. I don’t know where I’ll find another, and the sentimentality of the shell makes it irreplaceable. :-( Very sad. They will be back tomorrow afternoon to finish the job but say they won’t have to come into the house to finish the insulation.
The last appointment of the day went surprisingly well. The boy who was such a little jerk last week was a real sweetheart tonight and the session was actually fun!
That last family can’t meet next week so I will be able to attend a Church Christmas party next Wed. evening after all!
Tom had made a really delicious dinner before he left for his meeting, baked potato, squash and a turkey meatloaf. Comfort food and so nice to come home and reheat in the microwave. Leftovers ready for another meal.
I got a happy text from my brother Patrick after I got home.
I got caught up on all of last week’s case notes and a good start on this week’s! Yay me! I should get caught up tomorrow.
Tomorrow all I have written in my planner is a meeting at Social Services in the morning! Friday I have only the appointment after school with a kid and her social worker. I’ve made it through the worst of the week so it’s going to be less stressful and exhausting tomorrow and Friday. I’m looking forward to a quieter weekend this week!
I’m fighting off a cold (hopefully!), taking Airborrne and vitamins, drinking lots of water and tea.
The box of fruit we bought from 4-H club arrived tonight while I was at work, apples and yummy oranges! I think I’ll have one right now.
The orange was delicious! Few things in this whole world smell better than oranges when you first open them!
I think I’ll try drying some of the apples in my dehydrator.
Tomorrow may be a good day to put vegetable soup in the crockpot in the morning!
The sky was clear tonight on my way home from session, the stars and moon were so bright!
It warmed up a bit today, a very good thing!
I really wish Santa would bring me an iPad or other tablet for Christmas, but that’s probably not going to fit down the chimney this year. There’s really not much I want, we really do have everything we need/want. We are so blessed!
I want to make a batch of granola this weekend if there’s time.
I’m really looking forward to having time to get packages packed and mailed to family.
I’m looking forward to working on making some Christmas cards tomorrow afternoon after I finish paperwork, and getting my cards written and sent over the weekend.
I’d like to bake Swedish Peppakakor cookies for Tom to enjoy this year. I even have the traditional pig shaped cookie cutter somewhere. One of his family traditions was to have peppakakor and homemade lime sherbert on Christmas Eve each year. I haven’t baked peppakakor for him in years!

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