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Monday, January 23, 2012


1. It was a long day today, I woke up at 3:30 again, started working on paperwork about 4:30 AM. I ended up working 14 hours. I had thought I’d be done with paperwork (case notes and reports) by noon at least, but in the midst of the day there were several work e-mails I had to respond to or write, a couple of long telephone conversations with collateral providers.
2. I did write 2 reports and wrote a new Treatment Plan for the teen I would meet with after school. I’m actually ahead of the due date for those now.
3. I made a delicious Greek Salad for our lunch. I used to hate Feta cheese, but now I’m quite fond of it and actually find myself craving it!
4. Calamata olives…YUM!!!!
5. I went to staffing with the social worker who was ill on Thursday so couldn’t meet when I got there. I did meet with the other one so it wasn’t a wasted trip.
6. What I thought would be a “quick” meeting with the teen who was meeting with her social worker after school turned into a really long meeting . The social worker wanted me to stay and go over the behavior contract with the teen with her.
7. The phone calls, e-mails and the meeting with social worker for staffing and then with the SW and the teen, all mean that paperwork remains to be done to document them. I had intended not to do paperwork at all this weekend but I’m a little OCD sometimes and being so close to being totally caught up and not doing them is driving me a bit batty.
8. I imagine that I’ll end up doing the notes from yesterday either today (Saturday) or tomorrow just to be totally caught up before I go to bed Sunday night as I have to be in Moorhead/Fargo for the meeting at 10AM.
9. We have the Agency Christmas luncheon on Monday after the staff meeting. At least this year we do not have to find some cheap gift, and we are going to have to play silly games after lunch. I do enjoy them when we do, but the time crush makes me appreciate the extra time I hope we have.
10. Noah sent his Christmas list for me to share with “interested party” Now we can give him some of the things he has on his list. Lots of “grown up” things on that list. LOL
11. My brother Patrick called but we only spoke about a minute before we lost the connection, but it was a happy call!
12. Bear acted like I’d been gone a week when I got home from work, poor pooch, I’ve sorely neglected him in the attention thing this week, not even letting him in my office because I have papers sorted in stacks on the floor waiting to be copied for my files, the originals taken to Moorhead for the permanent file. This working in a standalone site with having to send all paper to Moorhead makes so much extra work for me. I’m not really whining, it is what it is!
13. When I got home from work around 6:30PM Tom and I made dinner together. He’d made a gorgeous salad and put the whole wheat rotini on to boil. I made a sauce of Morning Star Italian veggie sausage, butter (yes REAL butter for a treat, margarine or oil just don’t cut it in this sauce), mozzarella, grated parmesan, Fat Free Half and Half (instead of the heavy cream it calls for), smoked sundried tomatoes and sliced almonds. It was a delicious dinner!
14. We watched a Christmas movie on Hallmark Channel.
15. I fell asleep in the reclining loveseat toward the end of the movie.
16. Tom woke me up to go to bed around 10:00.
17. I slept until 3:30 again, Tom was snoring like a freight engine, I couldn’t get back to sleep so got up, had tea, another Mid Nite Tablet and a piece of toast, went back to sleep on the recliner cuddling with Bear. I went back to sleep until around 7AM
18. Again, I’m having trouble coming up with 24 “seeds” from Friday. Really all I did was work…work… work.
19. I'm one whole week closer to Christmas Vacation!!!

Life is good!

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