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Monday, January 23, 2012


1. Today is my baby sister Terri’s birthday! Damn I love my sisters! I wish we were together today for a Girls Day celebration of my sister’s birthday! That would be so amazing!
2. It feels odd to have had a day totally free from paperwork today!
3. I worked on my Christmas collage, spent a long time looking for something I know I have but can’t find. Grrr!
4. I changed from nightgown to pajamas today, putting on underwear my concession to getting dressed. Ha!
5. Tom made chicken tacos for dinner tonight, they’re our favorite!
6. I took a nap this afternoon. A luxury!
7. We watched another fun cheesy movie on Hallmark channel tonight.
9. The pace of the week caught up with me, I was pretty much a zombie today. Ugh!
10. I worked about 90 hours this week when all was said and done. Glad not evey week is like this!
11 Anni and I exchanged numerous e-mails today. She has really worried about Roger who was put on a med for diabetics.

12. I worked on some sketches and did some e-mails this morning before church
13. Went to church and enjoyed the small boys sitting in front of me.
14. Got the best hug from Becca! And several from her younger siblings and cousins.
15. Survived the Women’s Meeting after coffee hour.
16. Made taco salad for our lunch.
17. Took a nap
18. Read a bit and cuddled with Bear before I fell asleep.
19. Made Sloppy Joes for dinner tonight. We hadn’t had them in ages.
20. I snacked on pea pods dipped in Marzetti’s Peanut Sauce, healthy and yummy!
21. Finished making copies of stuff to go to Moorhead/Fargo tomorrow, that took a couple of hours.
22. Got everything ready for the meeting tomorrow
23. So tired! Today!

24. I got up at 3:30 this morning when the alarm went off. I wanted to make sure that I had time to shower, check to make sure I had everything I needed ready to go and give the dog attention since we were going to be gone all day.
25. We were in the car and on the road shortly after 5AM.
26. The weather the whole day was wonderful!
27. The trip down was lovely! The skies were clear so the moon was bright and I got to see the sunrise on the prairie.
28. We got to Fargo early enough that we had time to stop to get a cup of Starbuck’s Christmas blend for me to take to the meeting with me.
29. Glad we went early enough to allow for the TWO trains we had to wait for before getting to the agency office in Moorhead.
30. Got to the agency in time to turn in my paperwork, and the secretary put the papers needed into my files that were picked at random for Peer Review of charts that day.
31. I thought it odd that everyone was dressed in black when I got there.
32. When I went down to the conference room where we were meeting the reason became evident. Eugene, a coworker, turns 50 next month. I turned 60 last month so they had a bit of a mini party for us in the midst of the staff meeting. The room was decorated with black streamers and posters about “the year you were born”, Eugene and I had places of dubious honor decorated by black balloons. They had treats for the meeting and the tone of the meeting was light and fun.
33. It was so cool to sign off on the review sheet that said NO CORRECTIONS NEEDED for my files! That hasn’t happened in a while!
34. After the meeting the agency went out for lunch at a more upscale Italian Restaurant in downtown Fargo. The food was fabulous. Gene, our Operations Director gave us each these really cool ceramic hot/cold cups with covers and a $25 gift card to Target.
35. Tom did Christmas shopping for me after he dropped me off for the meetings.
36. Tom picked me up when I was done, about 1:30 and we did the shopping we needed to do for the kids whose names we’d drawn for Christmas.
37. Julie is getting a Nook Color and a case for it.
38. Noah is getting a Nativity Set of figurines, a Panini press, and season 2 of MODERN FAMILY.
39. We picked up a few small stocking stuffer gifts for each of the three households.
40. In the midst of shopping for the kids we were also shopping for the three kids from the Mitten Tree at church, gender and age written on a paper mitten that will be attached to the gift for Social Service to give to families through their Santa Anonymous program. The shopping for those kids took much longer and much more effort than for our family. We ended up going to Sears, Penney’s, Target, WalMart, K-Mart to find the toys requested. I had to substitute for one of them. Who knew that Animal Planet’s Mega Dino’s would be sold out all over Fargo?
41. I went to Michael’s to find something I needed for a project. No luck!
42. Went to Hobby Lobby and found the item I was looking for.
43. We went to Barnes and Noble for a quick stop for me to pick up the zines I wanted and can’t get up here. They were out of Cloth Paper Scissors. :-(
44. We grabbed dinner at Burger King and headed home.
45. We got home sometime shortly before midnight, there was one really happy dog waiting for us!
46. Man were my feet swollen when we got home! (From all the sitting and the walking on concrete floors while shopping) The socks that were loose in the morning were hard to get off!
47. We found out that John was a bit miffed that we didn’t stop by to see him Monday night when we were in town. We apologized, but come on, he hasn’t been up here since Ashlyn was baptized July 09. Cut us old people some slack for not having the energy to do it all!
48. The drive home was pleasant looking at Christmas lights!

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