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Monday, January 23, 2012


1. I had a heck of a time making myself get out of bed when the alarm went off at 8AM this morning!
2. I got to the Team Meeting at the school on time. FINALLY the mom agreed to take the kid to the doctor and try ADHD medication for the kid, they have put into place every possible accommodation, intervention, assistance and had great patience with this kid who should probably be in EBD and not just regular Special Education. He’s failing 7th grade for the second time. He’s a bright kid and hopefully now his needs will be addressed medically.
3. The boy’s mom called last night sounding very happy and relieved that the boy had agreed to take the medication prescribed after going to the doctor that afternoon.
4. My 5:30 session for last night cancelled in the morning.
5. My Thursday afternoon appointment called to cancel.
6. My 2:30 appointment was half an hour late, she’d forgotten. I waited 15 min. and then called her cellphone. I waited. It was a good session, glad I waited.
7. The client was out of dogfood and catfood and no money until payday on Friday. Been there! I needed to go to the store for some things anyway so picked up small bags of each to tide her over.
8. The Pomegranate Seeds (beads) I ordered from Etsy came in today’s mail. They’re gorgeous and were wrapped so prettily I hated to open the package. She’d attached a couple extra of the beads to the twine she had tying the package. Wow!! They are gorgeous!
9. BIG SURPRISE FOR ME! They had pomegranates at the grocery store when I stopped! They NEVER get pomegranates up here! I’m hoping they will still be good for the Christmas Salad I want to make for Christmas Day dinner.
10. Solstice is NEXT week!!! How I look forward to the rebirth of the sun and the lengthening of days, the shortening of night.
11. We continue to be blessed with mild weather this week!
12. Too tired to do much else other than watch TV tonight, I fell asleep and Tom had to wake me up to go to bed again tonight.

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