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Monday, January 23, 2012


December 15th
  1. I had the best night’s sleep last night, another night of 8 hours sleep. Knowing I didn’t have to get up and leave the house today maybe had something to do with it.
  2. I finished my Christmas collage I’ve been working on for so long! It turned out totally different from what I wanted it to be when I started, but I’m pleased with it. It scanned pretty well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it prints to make cards with it!
  3. It’s been such a quiet day thus far, no phone calls from clients, or referring agents, or guardian ad litems, county attorney, school staff or clients. Lovely!!!
  4. The Church Christmas Dinner Party last night was so much fun! The turnout was small because of the weather. Yesterday was one of those weird days with no distinguishing between start and end of day, totally gray with dense fog all day. The temps were mild for us up here this time of year, it was 35F when we drove home last night.
  5. Today has been a colder breezy day with the wind chimes ringing merrily!
  6. Solstice is one week from today!
  7. My Christmas vacation starts one week from tonight!
  8. Two day s until we have Oberg Christmas with the kids in Fargo!
  9. Tom has Men’s Night at the church tonight (Dinner and a movie) so I’ll have some time alone this evening.
  10. I’m making Triple Tomato Soup for my supper tonight (Sundried Tomatoes, canned whole tomatoes and Tomato Paste with celery, onion, garlic herbs and broth. I’m going to try out the immersion blender I bought a couple of months ago to puree it rather than use the processor.
  11. I changed out of my nightgown and got dressed this morning IN PAJAMAS! When I get to spend a weekday like that it’s golden!
  12. It snowed a bit this morning. :-)
  13. The sun has come out for a couple of minutes!
  14. I found another use for my therapeutic light box. It also works as a light box for artsy stuff. Ha!
  15. I’m going to wrap some presents tonight.
  16. I’m anxious to get the packages for my mom and sisters packed and ready to mail.
  17. Tomorrow is lunch/consult with Dr. D. and Kendra. Fun!!
  18. Only 1 appointment with clients tomorrow after school. So glad tomorrow is Friday.
  19. The unexpected breaks from cancelled appointments this week was great, however it means that next week will be a real time crush with lots of appointments with clients and tons paperwork left to do after the week is over.
  20. Tom wrapped presents for me and put them under the tree. I will NOT shake them, I will NOT peek. LOL
  21. Tom put things in my stocking that’s hanging. I still have a couple of little things I want to pick up for his stocking as well. I’ve been putting things in there for 2 weeks now. I think the Christmas stockings are the most fun thing about Christmas.
  22. I can’t believe it’s the middle of December already! I have to get my payroll in tonight for the first half of the month.
  23. Now that I’ve adjusted to the idea, I’m looking forward to a quiet Christmas with Tom.
  24. I am in such a good mood today!
  25. LIFE IS GOOD!!

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