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Thursday, December 1, 2011

November 30th: Pomegranate seeds

1. The realization that some days it may be difficult to find 24 pomegranate seeds in the day, other days there may be too many to count and digest.

2. The humbling knowledge that I am loved deeply.

3. The humbling knowledge that colleagues respect the work I do with families.

4. The free rockin’ Christmas CD that our little grocery store is giving away.

5. The delicious dinner of baked potato and squash and turkey loaf that Tom had waiting for me when I got home from a long day of work last night.

6. Finding my way to a new client’s house in the dark on unfamiliar gravel roads last night.

7. Time to sketch my silly “dollheadz” after dinner last night, they’re still amusing me. I’m grateful that I can squeeze a bit of art into the long days I now have with work.

8. Being home in time, just before the tree at Rockefeller Center in NY was lit, part of my yearly Christmas tradition. I have pleasant memories of seeing the tree many years ago.

9. The laughter we have when we wind up a Christmas Music box and watch Bear’s reaction. Priceless! It never gets old! LOL

10. Hearing my brother Patrick’s voice on my cell phone, even if I couldn’t talk to him because I was with clients at the time.

11. The memory of Patrick with a can of beans and a spoon sitting under a table/tent, eating army beans. We were poor at the time and he didn’t like beans all that much. I got him to eat by making it “play”.

12. The small gift I ordered for Tom from Amazon came yesterday along with a couple of books I ordered for myself. LIFE, PAINT AND PASSION: RECLAIMING THE MAGIC OF SPONTANEOUS EXPRESSION, by Michelle Cassou and Stewart Cubley; and ONE DRAWING A DAY by Veronica Lawlor.

13. The hug I got from a 4yr old client yesterday.

14. Seeing more Christmas lights gone up on homes when I drove home in the dark last night. The payoff of working the hours I do.

15. Time to read before bed. Currently enjoying Alice Hoffman’s SEVENTH HEAVEN

16. The sun broke through dark skies before sundown.

17. Finding a recipe for a salad that uses pomegranates, now to find a pomegranate in time for Christmas! But then maybe a little creative thinking might lead to a satisfactory substitution for my unsophisticated palate.

18. Having the silent muse whisper while I was drawing last night, ideas for future projects, using the dollheadz that are so much fun to draw. The ideas are written in a journal so I don’t forget them.

19. Delicious, hot, healthy, easy soup I made for lunch, 1 can of Rotel tomatoes with green chilies, 8 cups of chicken broth, two packages of frozen vegetables, 10 ounces of Velvetta Light cheese cubed. Leftovers for Thursday lunch. It’s soup weather!

20. First Christmas card!

21. The delight it’s giving me to think pomegranate thoughts.

22. The beautiful sunset I saw this evening.

23. Black beans soaking for the night, into the crockpot in the morning. I’m looking forward to making some spicy black bean and wild rice burgers Friday night!

24. Griselda Tello has shared more pomegranate pictures for me to use in a few of my Pomegranate posts.

Photo used with permission from Griselda Tello visit her ETSY shop:

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