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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 29th- Pomegranate Seeds

November 29th

25. NO urgent messages on my work voicemail

26. NO upsetting e-mails in my work in-box

27. Time to blog before starting back to work

28. Karen Caterson’s Strength from Within holiday blog round robin that provides me inspiration.

29. Annoyance that LiveJournal would not let me post.

30. Annoyance that dreamwidth could not find my account so I had to open a new one.

31. A sunny day for my return to work.

32. A hug from a young client at my first appointment.

33. Annoyance with a teen client at the second appointment

34. A call from the mom at the first appointment concerned/upset because the same sweet child who hugged me had just trashed the house and attacked her older sister with a scissors and was tantruming because mom wouldn’t give her a popsicle.

35. Frustration with an extremely oppositional adolescent and his mom who will not follow through on consequencing him, or consider more serious treatment options. It’s sad when one can only watch a train wreck and do nothing to stop it, and almost hope that the kid will mess up just enough for a CHIPS petition but not enough to destroy his future.In the midst of the same session Mom opened up to me about her feelings and experience for the first time, a good thing.

36. Time to sketch a bit after I got home from work late last night, just the silly doll heads, they make me laugh.

37. Some days like yesterday I am ever so thankful that I can shed the remains of the day and put on pajamas when I get home.

38. The fresh delicious salad that Tom had made to go with pasta for dinner last night.

39. Tom’s hugs after a horrendous tumultuous workday, so comforting.

40. Steinberg’s Christmas lights on the house and yard, this year they’ve added a horse drawn sleigh. It’s a gauche display that makes me smile!

41. The lights on the Christmas tree.

42. The blinking twinkling blue stars we have lit up in our windows.

43. The first candy cane of the season.

44. Spicy Christmas Tea

45. The news that friend Lorrie closed on a new home in the Twin Cities. I’m so happy for her and the new beginning that will be hers!

46. My warm car that runs well and heats up quickly!

47. A quiet evening to just relax after a hard day’s work.

48. The strength to make myself go to work when I so badly wanted to be able to just stay home.

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