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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 28th- Pomegranate Seeds

1. Anni did a youtube of her reading of The Lover’s Cards and using stones for my birthday. It was so dead on!
2. Birthday package from my mom and baby sister came in the mail filled with family love and laughter, and a beautiful butterfly pin!
3. Sweet birthday e-mail in the in-box in the morning from my faraway friend T’sing
4. I got to spend the whole day with Tom who put aside other things to focus on making my day as lovely as possible.
5. I slept 8 hours the night before! An unexpected luxury as I have not been sleeping well for weeks.
6. A gorgeous sunny mild day to be out and about!
7. Birthday Margarita and carrot cake when we went out for lunch (Free lunch for my birthday, didn’t eat pomegranates but did have a gyro!) I got sloshed on 1 Margarita LOL)
8. I got so many Happy Birthday Wishes on Facebook there’s no way I can respond to all of them!
9. Tom gave me a food processor and a beautiful card that made me tear up.
10. Phone call from Noah
11. Phone call from Julie Wren
12. Phone call from John (even if Ashlyn didn’t want to talk or sing happy birthday after he worked with her to teach it to her LOL)
13. Magic Tacos for dinner. (Julie named them Magic Tacos, the literalists would call them spicy chicken tacos)
14. Bottle of champagne in the evening.
15. This one would be TMI! LOL
16. Finding small practical inexpensive gifts to give to the families I serve for Christmas (Little tinned hams for $2 each on sale!)
17. Time to read
18. Memories of the charm bracelet, dozen roses, and a cake my mom and dad delivered to boarding school for me on my 16th birthday. A very happy memory.
19. The sky was clear enough to see the sliver of waxing moon.
20. A few minutes to sketch funky “doll heads”
21. Cuddling with Bear.
22. Gratitude for having enough money to buy groceries when so many other struggle so.
23. The final day of my break from work, and enjoying my birthday right up to midnight when I went to bed.
24. The soft, warm, fun socks I found on sale to send to my friend Tina Marks to be shared with a woman’s shelter she supports. That makes me smile. Tina makes me smile.

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