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Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 1: Pomegranate Seeds


  1. The Disney hairbrush (Belle) I ordered for Ashlyn for Christmas arrived today. It’s soooooo cute!!
  2. The “No Show” client today gave me extra time to work on paperwork before seeing the next one.
  3. Almost caught up on paperwork for last week!
  4. The family I saw this evening was a fun session.
  5. I almost finished writing and making copies of case notes, treatment plans, safety plans and correspondence.
  6. I’m feeling relieved that the probation officer is finally going to crack down on one of my teen clients. She needs a serious intervention. The parents, social worker, individual therapist, and me doing the family counseling piece have all done everything we can. I’m sad to think that this teen is headed for a world of hurt. Maybe this will help a bit.
  7. I sang along with Christmas carols on the way home from work tonight.
  8. Noticed more Christmas lights lit up on the way home. A simple delight!
  9. We set up a new phone system in the house today. I look forward to the telephone not going dead when I’m talking to someone for more than 3 minutes!
  10. Thankful for a quiet house when I got home tonight.
  11. Thankful I had a bit of cash leftover after paying bills today, and knowing I will have one of my biggest bills paid off in the next 6 months. Then I can start saving and paying down other bills to move me closer to the time when I can quit working. (Aiming at age 62, but may have to work til I’m 65.)
  12. I love blue tortilla chips!
  13. Happy to know that one of the gifts I ordered for Julie for Christmas has been shipped!
  14. Thankful for Tom’s hugs, burying my face in his flannel shirt, the comforting smell of his pipe tobacco after a really long day
  15. Thankful that a dear one who was feeling suicidal got through it.
  16. So thankful for all the friends I have in real life and online (some of them have been better friends than real-life friends. Who says online friendships aren't real?????)
  17. I love Pumpkin Spice Tea!
  18. I love my SmartWool socks that keep my feet warm!
  19. I chuckled when I heard a small child express worry that Santa won’t be able to land his sleigh if we don’t get more snow for Christmas. I told him that in that case Santa will either use a red Christmas helicopter or put wheels on his sleigh like they do for sleigh rides in Baudette. That answer seemed to offer him his some relief of anxiety. ;-)
  20. Had time to read tonight.
  21. Making a cup of hot chocolate (not from a mix!) with cinnamon and marshmallows before bed tonight. Guilty pleasure!
  22. Today I fought the blues and won! Reading ALEXANDER’S TERRIBLE HORRIBLE NO GOOD VERY BAD DAY always helps! Ha!
  23. Tom did the dishes! Yay Tom!!!!
  24. Seeing the moon on the way home from work, and listening to the windchimes outside our windows. Those two things never grow old.

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