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Saturday, December 3, 2011

December 2: Pomegranate Seeds

December 2

1. FINISHED last week’s paperwork, only have to mail it now! Yay for me!!

2. Lunch/Consult with the Delicious Dr. D. and my colleague Kendra. I really struggled with liking her when she started working for the agency 2 years ago but now appreciate her very much and really like her. She has a master’s degree in Behavioral Analysis and has so many good ideas for working with my Aspy kids and my ADHD kids on my caseload. AND she’s funny and smart!

3. Had the best pizza and breadsticks at lunch! I love Jake’s Pizza in Roseau, even if there’s not a single diet friendly item on their menu.

4. Dr. D. gave me some really great ideas for working with my two most difficult cases! Thank you Dr. D.!

5. It made me happy to shop for two little boys who are signed up for the county’s Santa Anonymous program. They wanted Pillow Pets. I got a giraffe and a bright red spotted dino/monster. So soft and sweet and fun!! I can see why kids are loving these Pillow Pets so much!

6. I bought myself a new pair of fuzzy, soft, warm pajamas for comfort on days when I’m feeling cold and low. Bright green with a yellow ducky in stocking hat on the pocket and the same yellow ducky printed on the PJ pants. I looked at them on Monday when we were there and thought they were too bright. But yesterday they really appealed to me.

7. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home; they had Chobanni’s Pomegranate Greek Yogurt. Woot!!!

8. I found a couple of stocking stuffers for Tom’s stocking.

9. Tom hung up our Christmas stockings up last night so I could start filling his. This is one of the most fun parts of Christmas for me.

10. Tom made fabulous hamburgers and oven baked French fries for dinner, I was too wiped out from the day to make the Spicy Black Bean burgers I’d planned to make. We’ll have them on Sunday instead.

11. Good TV last night.

12. Sketched another couple of silly doll heads .

13. I hope to make a few Christmas cards tomorrow with one of the doll headz.

14. I got a message that the meeting scheduled for Monday afternoon was cancelled. Glad about that! Too many extra meetings lately!

15. The sun came out today!

16. Someone turned in a credit card I used at the grocery store and dropped when I was leaving. So glad there are honest caring people in the world!

17. I had a good night’s sleep last night!

18. Found another Christmas music channel on the sat radio in my Malibu.

19. Resisted several “impulse buys” while shopping today!

20. I am anxious to wrap and mail a few presents to my mom and sisters. :-) I can’t wait to wrap a few presents for others to put under my tree before I mail them or deliver them to others.

21. I love plugging in the Christmas tree while it’s still dark in the morning when I get up.

22. Found the brand of tofu I like at the store in Warroad.

23. I giggled at the “Freudian Slip” image someone posted on FaceBook. I’ll have to post it to LJ tomorrow.

24. I’m looking forward to my afternoon/evening out with my friend Betti tomorrow, a belated birthday thing.

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