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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Pomegranate Seeds: December 3

December 3

  1. Today is our baby girl’s 31st birthday. I’m thankful for all the joy she has brought to our family all these years. *I* was the one who got the best Christmas present the year she was born!
  2. I’m thankful that I could still put on a shoe; thankful that I didn’t break the a toe or 3 when I jammed my foot into the dog gate on my way to refill my coffee cup this morning. It hurt so much I actually saw stars and heard birds chirping! The middle toes on my right foot are a lovely shade of purple
  3. Thankful for another good night’s sleep, maybe my sleep patterns are beginning to straighten out again!
  4. Happy to see a pic of my oldest son and his girlfriend on FaceBook this morning. It made me smile, the caption, “My girlfriend is awesome!” My DIL Kay describes her as “looking like Kate Hudson, but not as slutty”. LOL She really is a very pretty girl. I love that she is making my son smile again!
  5. Mailed the paperwork from last week to the Moorhead Office. That priority mail envelope was sure fat!
  6. I ordered the cutest Minnie Mouse outfit for Ashlyn online today.
  7. I woke up from a great night’s sleep again last night. I hope that this means my sleep patterns are straightened out! 3 nights in a row is a good thing!
  8. Betti picked me up a little after 2; we drove to Roseau to spend the rest of the day. First stop was at Twice the Charm, a consignment shop where I bought a cute blue seasonal sweater, a pair of brown corduroy pants, and a pair of socks with gingerbread men pattern (brown so I can wear them with the pants :-)
  9. Betti treated me to a cocktail and lunch at The Brickhouse.
  10. I bought Tom’s Christmas present at Annie’s Trading Post and had it gift wrapped, so cute wrapped in brown paper and twine with lots of curly ribbons.
  11. Lots of laughter in the van when we were out and about today.
  12. We went to see Becky Rosencrans, The Bead Gypsy; she showed Betti how to make pendants and earrings and invited us back sometime to learn how to make some jewelry. She does gorgeous work!
  13. There were big fat flakes of snow in the air today, just flurries but added to the fun of Christmas shopping.
  14. I've realized that this attempt to find 24 “seeds “in the day has led to intentional awareness of “moments” in the day, helping me to stay grounded in the present.
  15. We left a message on Julie’s voice mail tonight wishing her Happy Birthday!
  16. Watched TV after I got home, Celtic Women-Believe on PBS, we so enjoy them!
  17. Enjoyed the decorated houses in Roseau, some were quite exquisite!
  18. Currently watching IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. It never gets old for me.
  19. Thankful for a warm house tonight. Brrrr it’s cold out there.
  20. I Love Cocoa Cassava bars!
  21. I have to work tomorrow, the only time I could meet with a client I've been trying to meet with for 3 weeks for a final session.
  22. It’s just barely 9PM and I can hardly keep my eyes open. It feels like it should be much later than it is.
  23. I’m wondering how my friend Lorrie is doing with getting moved to St. Paul. Seems to be a lot of people moving this weekend. My friend Dawn Marie moved across town up in Regina.
  24. Whichever of my kids drew my name for Christmas is wondering what to get me for Christmas, I can’t think of a single thing I want for Christmas. I don’t need anything and have everything I want that can be bought. The things I want aren't things you can put a price tag on.

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