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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The spider cupcakes and the eyeballs were a big hit on Sunday at the church potluck. We came home with only 2 spiders and 3 eyeballs. LOL The church ladies meeting was postponed until next week. Thank goodness!

It was early afternoon when I got home from church. I took a nap, played a bit with pages in The Sketch Book, yesterday I finished the spread. I"m going to take an hour this morning to put some color down on another spread, after I exercise. I've been so lazy about the exercise thing and the scales has been creeping up again. Sunday night I watched a little TV, i.e.CSI Miami and the first episode of ONCE UPON A TIME. It looks like it might be a fun series.

My 3:30 session canceled yesterday, she had the flu, so I was home all day. I worked on paperwork and correspondence all morning yesterday til about 2:00. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the kitchen. I tried out my new dehydrator and dried almost all the parsley that our friend Nancy gave us, then I made a delicious Gratin with chard, zuchinni, onion, fresh garlic (onion and garlic both came from Nancy's garden), eggs fresh ground pepper, fresh parsley and Parmesan Reggiano cheese. Chard takes a lot of time to work with but it was so worth the effort! Tom and I both loved the dish, he declared the recipe a keeper. can't believe how fond I've gotten of this vegetable I used to HATE! So glad I halved the recipe, as it was there were still 4 large servings, two of them put away for another meal. I cooked a buttercup squash and after dinner froze the half that was left. I love squash! I still have two pounds of chard to use up. I'm thinking that a nice pumpkin, lentil,& chard stew will be nice for dinner on Thursday. I'll have time to mess with the chard and one of the small pumpkins I have then. Tonight's dinner will be a hearty tomato based vegetable soup (with cabbage, carrots, parsley, onions and garlic from Nancy's garden!) I'll throw in a bag of kidney beans from the freezer and make fat free whole wheat dumplings for it. We'll have a salad with it to complete the meal.

Still not much time to play on line, still plugging away on paperwork, what else is new? LOL I'll see clients after school today into the evening. Tomorrow I only have 2 family sessions and then barring unless the gal who was sick yesterday can meet I may be done seeing clients for the week. I've reduced frequency of sessions to every other week for 2 of my families to put some balance in my weeks, so that not every week is so exhausting. Some of the families have sustained progress so that I'm able to do this.One of the families I may have to start seeing more frequently again, but not at the moment. I don't think that we'll be making any road trips anytime soon unless it is to go to Fargo to see John and Ashlyn on a day trip. I doubt we'll be given much more garden produce that demands immediate attention now that we've had a really hard frost last night. Goodbye Mosquitoes!! See you in the spring!!

The northern lights were reportedly gorgeous last night where they were visible, but we had too much cloud cover to see them. Darn!

Bear had us in stitches yesterday. For some reason he was having a ball with one of the drain spouts! He was dragging it around the yard, dancing around it, sticking his nose in the ends of it. maybe there was a mouse or something inside? But after Tom put the spout back Bear left it alone.

Time to get off the computer and get busy!
Life is good!

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