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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Yesterday was a busy day. I spent a lot of it in the kitchen making creepies and crawlies to take to the church potluck today. I think the kids will like them. I baked spider cupcakes and dipped eyeballs in white almond bark. Fitting seaonal kitchen witchery don't you think? I froze the other half dozen cupcakes to make spiders for clients this week. The eyeballs are donut holes, almond bark, frosting and a mini chocolate chip with "veins" drawn on with a toothpick dipped in red food coloring. They were time consuming but fun! I think that the kids will love them! (If they're not too creeped out! LOL) I imagine that "the church lady" will find them offensive, maybe I'll even be disappointed if she doesn't! LOL)

I putzed a bit with the sketch book project and am going to work on that for a little bit this morning before church.

Last night we went to Baudette for a farewell for our friend Shawn who is moving to DC to start a new life with his partner Mo. His wife and daughter gave him a party. He's leaving tomorrow. He came out as gay a couple of years ago and resigned his call as pastor to the congregation that he grew up in. It was a turbulent time for him, Kim and Emma. Kim has met a really great guy who makes her happy and they will always be a family. She looked radiant last night. We will really miss Shawn. We stopped to pick up a pizza to cook for dinner after we got home. We watched a movie on Hallmark, "Oliver's Ghost" so cute and sweet. I was in bed shortly after that, finished reading the last few pages in Shana Abe's The Treasure Keeper, the Drákon series. The latest is out in hardback but I'm going to wait for the paperback, or maybe I'll give the kindle app a try and purchase the e-book. I slept so well last night.

Today church will take up a huge hunk of time, it's Harvest Fest, which means a LOOOONNNNNGGGG service, a potluck after, and there's supposed to be one of those crappy church women's meetings after that. Blech!

I'm looking forward to catching the first episode of ONCE on ABC tonight. It's looking like an intriguing series.

I hope all are having a great weekend!

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