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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Finally...time for ME! I have a morning that I am going to just putter away how ever I wish!

After a brutal past 2 weeks of working nonstop 12-14 hour days of paperwork before dawn each morning, seeing clients, then paperwork again until my brain froze up, I have a morning that is just mine. Yesterday I mailed off 2 fat priority mail envelopes of casenotes, assessments, treatment plans, and other reports. I'd even gotten behin on September paperwork since I took some time to have a LIFE aside from work, and then the past month was insane with numerous client crisises (which meant extra family sessions worked into an already heavy schedule), millions of phone calls, text messages from clients, extra collateral meetings, consults, and staffings, all of which need to be documented, some verbatim. I did not see clients yesterday, I did have a collateral lunch/consult that was fun. :-) I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items, came home and Tom and I cleaned up the living room and dining room to prepare for Halloween visitors. We worked on a week's laundry, and I made dinner. I made Mummy dogs for our dinner, served with beans and baked potato chips. A fun and easy Halloween dinner. We enjoyed our Halloween visitors last night! What fun! I took some pics of our favorite kids who stopped by. My little friend Becca was such a beautiful little fairy!

John sent me a pic of Ashlyn in her costume. She'll have such fun with dress up! She loves the movie Beauty and the Beast, when she watches it she always says of Belle, "that's me Daddy!" of The Beast she says "that's you Daddy", she does that when watching movies, Daddy is always the king or the prince that the princess loves. Funny thing, sometimes the witch is Mommy. Kind of revealing. Dang I miss them!

This is my birthday month! The 50s were awesome, but now I'm getting ready to rock the 60s!

I'm going to go spend some time playing with paint and stuff for a couple of hours before I need to get ready to see clients. It's been forever since I had time to do that.

Life is good!

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