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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


REACH by northwoodsluna
REACH, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

I hate Dreamwidth! It totally sucks for loading pics!! GRRRRR!! I opened it to read the blogs of friends who left LJ during the DDoS attack. I think I'm going to stick with LJ and blogger, and just keep Dreamwidth open to read those who have left LJ.

It's been a perfectly quiet beautiful day! This morning I wrote a couple of e-mails to friends, did a bit of work, caught up on some blog reading, facebook, worked on a page for my journal, scanned/photgraphed some things, uploaded pictures from my camera, then made lunch, (sauteed yellow and green zuchinni, yellow squash, tomatoes, onion, green and red peppers, garlic and herbs, with a sprinkling of grated parmesan on top. Yummy!!) We have such a short season in which really fresh local vegetables are available. I just love them!) and after lunch paid bills. There's still a couple of hours of afternoon left. I should do laundry and paperwork but it's so nice out I think I'll sit on the front porch and read for a while.

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