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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blissful Summer Day

I returned from Fargo and Grand Forks Sunday night. I had the best weekend! We stopped at Barnes and Noble when we got to Fargo while we were waiting for John to get off work. After he was home we went over to the house. We didn't get much of a visit with son John, he got called to work Friday. We did get to see John for a bit, and then stayed with Ashlyn, visited with her godparents who came over to watch her so we could continue on to Grand Forks before it got too late. The poor guy was exhausted even before he was called to work. Every big tent that United Rental owns was set up at the airport for vendors and stations at the airport for the big annual Fargo AirSho. Strong storm passed through and tents were down. All 15 of them! John had to go to direct people, and help them in setting them up again. But we had a nice visit with Ashlyn and her godparents before we left to drive to Grand Forks. Fortunately the weather the rest of the weekend was beautiful!

Tom dropped me off in Grand Forks where I spent the weekend with my friend Dr. Trish Hunter, my roommate in 95-97 while I went to graduate school, she went on to get a PhD in Counseling Psych and works at the clinic in Roseau. We share lots of clients. Tom drove home to Williams from Grand Forks. We stayed up until 3AM Friday night talking, laughing, catching up. We were planning on coming home Saturday evening but decided to stay another night. A friend of Trish's was away for the weekend and let us stay in her house. There is a lovely private patio with privacy fence where we spent lots of time. Her neighborhood was quiet, so it was like renting a cottage in the country but didn't cost a thing. So quiet and relaxing. There were so many butterflies, I had a dozen land on me at one point. Their fluttering just delights me!

Saturday we went out for lunch at Space Aliens. What a fun place! Lots of fun games for kids of all ages, (tons of leftovers taken home in boxes). as my mother used to say, "Chicken today, feathers tomorrow" I had a food hangover from the weekend. I seldom eat that much red meat, now I know why! Red meat is bad enough, but when eating restaurant food it's even worse with all the salt! The scales screamed when I got on yesterday morning, and I felt like a slug! It was pretty much a binge on the weekend. We slept in a bit on Saturday, did some shopping, looked at cars, went to the Farmer's market and I brought home eggplant, and 3 kinds of summer squash. I think I made rattatouille for dinner last night with the eggplant, some of the squash, tomatoes, green peppers and onions from friends gardens. Yum, Back to healthy eating and lots of water and green tea drinking yesterday and today. Saturday night our dinner was corn on the cob and summer squash roasted on the grill. Wonderful!

Trish and I slept in on Sunday and returned to Roseau Sunday evening, Tom drove down to pick me up. I ended up holding Henri, her Maltichon who chewed his way out of the fabric kennel halfway home (3 hr drive). What an adorable but neurotic little pooch! LOL. When we got back to her house, when we were carrying things in from the car, I jammed my big toe on one of the steps and it's quite painful even today. At first I thought maybe I had broken a toe or bone in my foot but it appears to be a bad sprain. My plans for a 4 mile walk yesterday and/or today has kind of gone down the tubes, I don't know if I can bear to wear shoes even today, let alone walk much distance. My foot kept waking me up Sunday night, but is a lot better today.

It felt so WRONG not to pack art supplies to go with me! I probably wouldn't have had time anyway, but I'm jonesing for art time today morning. I did have a couple of books along and finished reading Jodi Picoult's book HOUSE RULES. I could hardly put it down when I started it. It was a really good book! (A boy with Aspberger's is accused of murder). Fascinating story!

I thought I didn't have any appointments yesterday, thinking it a good thing since my foot hurt, I thought I wouldn't have to try to put on shoes. I hoped that I could use the day to catch up on art projects, paperwork, collateral phone calls and e-mails with collateral contacts. Good thing I checked my day planner after I made phone calls etc. I discovered that I *did* have an appointment with a family with whom I generally meet on Tuesday! I found a pair of Nike slides that went on my swollen foot and took Ibuprofen. After I got home from work I made ratatouille for dinner last night.

Today I have a pot of borscht simmering for this evening's dinner, made with fresh beets, carrots, onion, potatoes and parsley given to us by friends from their gardens. I LOVE summer gardens!! I was on my feet all afternoon washing last night's dishes, preparing tonight's dinner and getting veggies ready for the freezer. I'm ready to go put my foot up again and read one of the books I bought at the book store in Fargo Friday evening. I did finish up one of the art projects and it's ready to mail. The other has glue drying so hopefully tomorrow! I bought colored napkins to make some paper flowers, just because some friends had so much fun making them. I want to play! Tom went into Baudette for me to run my errands so the rest of my day is mine to spend how I wish.

It's been a blissful summer day, the windows are open and the wind is making the trees sing. Very comfortable, but I think that we are perhaps in for some thunderstorms later this evening. How I love those storms!

Life is good!

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