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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Greet each day

Greet each day by northwoodsluna
Greet each day, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Today was a quiet day, laid back and pleasant. I worked on scanning a picture and framing it for Tom to give to the young couple whose wedding he officiated this afternoon. The scripture they chose for their wedding was from Song of Solomon. 8:7: Many waters can not quench love, rivers can not wash it away. For years he has had a page from a calendar with this verse and a picture of a river/stream tacked up on the wall in his office. It's a gorgeous picture. It was starting to fade but I played with it a bit and printed it 4X6 and put it in a wooden frame I had in my stash. It turned out well, and he was pleased. I hope that the couple liked it as a small memento of the day.

I worked on a journal page this afternoon while he was gone, and then did the dishes, went out to run a couple of errands. It was a lovely afternoon. After I got home there was a brief thunder shower. It drove Bear crazy but I loved it! :-) I watched a cheesy movie on Hallmark tonight while he watched The Twins beat the $kankees. (I hate the Yankees!! Happy the Twins won this one!)

I spoke to John on the phone Thursday afternoon after I got home from work.. The judge signed off on his divorce on Thursday morning. This whole thing just went so fast. My son has handled the whole thing thus far with strength, dignity, kindness, and fairness, while at the same time setting limits and boundaries. I don't think that he has fully processed everything yet. I really hope that he takes time to heal before even thinking about entering a new relationship. I was just so sad Thursday and Saturday, but am snapping out of it today.

Yesterday was a long busy day. I had lunch consult in Roseau with Dr. D. and the girls. Both Anna and Kendra are pregnant! So happy for them! Anna's due the end of November, Kendra in January. As soon as I got back from Roseau I drove to Baudette for a session with a family, it was a good session but was a bit over 2hrs in length. I rushed to the store to pick up something to cook for the Asian Potluck at church. I was going to make cream cheese wontons but when I ran short of time I picked up stuff for Szechwan stir fry instead. I finished it just in time to take it over to church. Tom had wedding rehearsal but did make it home in time to eat before going to umpire the parish softball game after. I'd developed a headache by the time dinner was over, I think I was tired, so I stayed home in pajamas and watched a bit of TV and read. I was pretty much peopled out! So glad for the quiet day today!

Church tomorrow. There's a Sweet 16 party in the afternoon that we're invited to. One of our favorite kids so we'll probably go.

Time to get off the computer and get into jammies.

I hope all are having a great weekend!

Life is good!!

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