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Monday, October 29, 2012


Life….it gets in the way sometimes!

Mostly my job has kept me away from my blog. The changes in seasons always bring a surge in referrals and intensity of crises in families on my caseload.  I had to sit down with the County CPS workers and “triage” cases to see what could be closed, referred to other services etc. as there’ a limit to how many families I can realistically serve at one time. A mass of new referrals all at once, coupled with the closing of cases and all the ensuing paperwork, eat up my time. The past few weeks have been emotionally and physically draining with long work days beginning at dawn and stretching past the dinner hours. I’m treading water.  Evenings and weekends find me exhausted, I seem to sleep away most of them. There has just been no time or energy left over to play in my art room for weeks now.  Time online has been the only thing I could drop for a while without shattering too many other of the fragile glass balls I’m juggling.  Another couple of weeks like this and I hope that balance can be restored. 

The death of a beloved family friend was weighing on us. We traveled to Kelliher MN where we lived 1985 to 1990, this past Friday, for Tom to conduct the funeral of our beloved friend “Grandma Arnie”, Arnhild Eggen.  It was good to see and reconnect with some of the people we loved most during our time there. A bittersweet time. 

I haven’t been able to play in my art room for weeks, I am missing interacting with friends online, reading their blogs, and keeping up my own, but I know this too will pass as I get caught up on the things that are shredding my days.  It’s a temporary inconvenience.

I am well, I am happy, I’m working on getting a balance back into my life, and I’ll be back soon.