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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Still Moving In...

Still here but I haven't had time to post. Tom finished painting the studio on Saturday, but when he took off the painter's tape that we spent so much time carefully putting up, paint and primer came off with the tape in some places. Grrrrr! So Sunday afternoon and evening he repainted in places and did some touch ups. Sunday night we moved the bed out and set it up in my wee office. This of course meant that we had to do some moving around in that cramped space but managed it. My glider and bike are in the closet until after the company we're expecting this weekend leave on Monday. Then it will probably be in my studio for a lack of better place to put it. Bookshelves were moved out of the office and into the studio. Yesterday I made inumerable trips up and down the stairs moving the plastic cart/drawers and stacks of art supplies upstairs. I've got lots of work to do in there to get boxes unpacked
Because we moved my art stuff out of the kitchen we were able to move the treadmill to a better location in the kitchen. The kitchen is the only room in the house that has wiring that will let us use the treadmill. I hope that in a few years when we do leave here that they will rewire the house. There is only one outlet in the studio room! So insufficient! In the near future I'll go through all my art supplies and purge some of them too, but that will have to wait. Still a long way to go around here to get the house ready for company! And still catching up on paperwork and working too. But it will be so good to have our house all nice and tidy and more organized, less cluttered.

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  1. Looking forward to pics when you've done :D XXX