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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Making Progress....

Untitled by northwoodsluna
Untitled, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.
We're making progress on my studio, and YES, I DARE to call it a STUDIO, and I DARE to call myself an artist!

This afternoon after seeing clients I stopped at the hardware store and bought a quart of Morracon Blue to use on the trim. If I don't like it when I start the trim tomorrow, after touch ups to the walls, I'll make a trip to Warroad to get a different shade. I am just so anxious to get the room set up!

A snarky faceless person online informed me that it is NOT a studio because:
  • it is not in a separate building, 
  • and because I am not a "professional artist" who earns her living solely by my art works.
  • she said I am a "poseur"
  • and that after having looked at my Flickr site she said that what I create is more in the crafts genre that I should call it what it is, a "crafting room".

Thankfully comments on my Blogspot blog are subject to my approval before they are published. I deleted the comment of that pretentious viperous troll. I could give a rip what she(?) thinks! It does not negate my joy with my STUDIO ! It does not matter who she is or what is her name, she is one of the legion of trolls who get their jollies from succeeding at making others feel awful if we allow them that power. I pity her.

I must admit there was a momentary sting to her words, as it touches on all those insecurities I have about my talent and my work. But it was only momentary, my joy has wings and fluttered right back up to perch on my shoulder.

There simply ARE toxic people in this world who spread their venom for no logical reason. I did not ask for her opinion nor do I care if anyone approves, or thinks me a poseur! I know myself, believe in myself.

Sticks and stones may bruise my bones,
But your words will not dispirit me! :-)



  1. whomever she is, she is a total waste of air.

    i hate her in solidarity with you.

  2. This is my first time viewing your blog....It's a HOT day here in Minnesota and I am surfing the internet! I just want to say " If you think you are an artist, then you ARE an artist ! And I would hate to have anyone see MY studio, but I get lots of pleasure from that little space" Do your thing and BE HAPPY ....

    1. Hmmm, I hope this doesn't show up twice, blogspot is being a bit wonky tonight!
      I'm waving at you from the top of MN Marilyn! Thank you so much for your kind words! xo

  3. She's her own worst enemy. Of course she could be a he, I didn't care enough to check it out. She's having tea with Marilyn in Siberia and trying to catch special snowflakes on her tongue!

  4. I am so excited for your studio! It is looking great and I can't wait to see it when it is finished and all your supplies are moved in! I am really happy for you.
    I learned a new word today while reading a book... "douche-chimp". I like it. I think it applies in this situation and I am thrilled to use it for the first time to describe the douche-chimp who said all those things to you. She/he is a total douche-chimp. We don't care what douche-chimps think because they aren't intelligent enough to do anything but fling shit.

    1. Douche-chimp! LOL Now that's an expression I've not heard before! LOL I love you too Katie! xo

  5. I am super excited about your STUDIO and I can't wait to see finished pictures!
    I learned a new word today while reading a book. Douche-chimp. I am thrilled to used it for the first time ever to describe the person who said those things to you. She/he is a douche-chimp and no one cares what a douche-chimp has to say because they aren't intelligent enough to do anything but fling shit (and I am guessing douche, which everyone knows is bad for you anyway).

  6. Hahaha...douche-chimp...classic :D You should have let the comment stand. This new "reply" setting means we could have all replied direct to him/her...but then I am a tad evil that way.
    I too am jealous of your new STUDIO space, but I aim to improve my own abilities by copying your confidence, not trying to batter it down :D XXX

    1. Nah, there's enough negativity in the world and special snowflakes like her thrive on any kind of attention that they can use to feel all self-important.

      Gina! We are artists! 10 foot tall and troll-proof! xoxo

  7. Unbelievable. It just boggles my mind how awful some people can be. perhaps her studio in a separate building because no one can stand the sight of her. congrats on your studio progress, you lovely artist.

    1. LOL I adore you Karen!! I can't wait to make some art in my new STUDIO for one of your swaps! Soon!!!