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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Life is Good

Life is Good by northwoodsluna
Life is Good, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

It was a busy week, compounded with being called out for crisis interventions and de-escalation of domestic incidents in a couple of the families I work with, complete with the arrival of County Sheriff's in squad cars, sirens blaring, lights flashing. Late nights, long exhausting days. What an exciting life I lead. LOL

Tom was gone 3 days to the NW MN Synod Assembly in Moorhead MN, across the river from Fargo ND. He was able to duck out early from a meeting on Thursday night to go have dinner with John, Ashlyn, and John's girlfriend Kasey. All of us who have met her now love her. She's a very special young woman. Tom took Sister Mary with him to the Assembly and snapped a couple of pictures.

Friday was our bi-monthly lunch/consult with Dr. D and Anna & Kendra my colleagues. I needed that to "debrief" from a long stressful crisis at a home the previous night. After consultation I stopped in Warroad to buy groceries, as they say up here, "Uff-da" (I think that translates to Holy Shit!). It was so crowded and people were frantic in thier shopping for this weekend. Yesterday was the big Fishing Opener weekend up here, and of course today is Mothers Day so carts were full and people were rushing around like crazy. I made a conscious choice to be patient, kind and let several poeple with fewer items than I had in my cart go ahead. I got several comments on the content of my cart, filled with fresh veggies, fruits. One woman saw my cart and remarked on how healthy it looked and turned her cart around to go buy some fresh veggies, thanking me for reminding her that she needed to eat better. All I said was that they were my favorite snacks.

I enjoyed the quiet house while Tom was away, not that he's noisy, but I didn't even have music on. The quiet was blissful. I needed that.

Yesterday morning I raked up the bazillion pine cones out back along with the "prairie tulips" the dog left us over the winter. I have blisters on my hands from the raking. We can't burn them because it's been too dry. Boy was that a workout! I spent quite a bit of time de-cluttering the downstairs.

When I was about to go to bed last night, Noah called. He and Kay and Phyllis (Kay's mom) had made me a Mother's Day present and Kay was so anxious to show it to me (via photo) and couldn't wait. She was almost finished with it and so I stayed up while she sent it to my phone and to text back to her how much I loved it! I sooooo love gifts from the heart. I love my DIL so much!

I'm off to church and then plan to spend the day making art and reading.

Yep, Life is good!

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  1. This looks good enough to eat. Love those warm colors.