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Friday, May 18, 2012


I am thrilled to be part of Amy McDonalds event ALL TOGETHER NOW. a weekend long blog party.

I am an unschooled, self-taught artist who loves to work with mixed medium. Art dolls are the love of my life but require the time that I don't really have much of at present. When I make an art doll for myself or for another it becomes a transformative process for me, and I do inner work while I work on the doll. My life is very full at the moment and doesn't seem to allow much time for art at present. The crunch is only temporary (at least I hope!). I manage to eek out a few minutes in the day to sketch, plot, plan, even if there's not much time to sit in one place to create.

I will be giving away one of my dolls in a random drawing on Monday.

This is a falling star to wish upon. Leonid is beaded felt, with a polymer clay head and wired ribbon "tail". He is 7" tall and has a loop for hanging on wall or window. He is one of my most favorite dolls, but has been packed away carefully, waiting for the Etsy shop I've yet to open. Read on to find out how to win him.

Amy suggested that we're supposed to talk ourselves up and let you see who we are and how we sparkle and shine. My sparkle needs a little bit of polish these days but each day I try my best to shine my light in the world through my interactions with others, my work (day job), and art (my passion) when I am able to grab a few minutes of the day. I am not defined by my relationships, but they are facets of who I am, each one a precious bit of light in my life. Aside from my relationships, I see myself first and foremost as an artist, and dare I say a healer of broken hearts? How I struggled with allowing myself to call myself this. But I am, and always have been creative. I managed to make some beautiful unique things from practically nothing in the lean years.

I am not defined by my day job, but it is a channel for who and what I am. I do intensive in-home family counseling for high risk low income kids 0-18 and their families in the home. My services are referred when ordinary routes of outpatient therapy and medication are not enough to treat a child and their families to preserve the family and avoid out of home placement for treatment, or to help a traumatized child. My job is challenging, meaningful, and currently has a waiting list as my caseload is twice what I am able to provide. The County in which I live refers to the non-prof for which I work. ART IS THERAPY FOR THE THERAPIST! I truly love my job when I can bring a bit of artmaking into the work. There is nothing that is a greater healer than creating something lovely midst pain and disappointment. Occasionally my experience shows up in my journal pages

I am daughter, sister, wife, mother, grammy, anamcara, friend, mentor, counselor. All of these things, along with my spirituality weave in and out of the tapestry of all that I am. I am 60 years old and still 18 on the inside. I have a child like wonder at the ordinary sacred and ordinary miracles of every day life. They are there, and they "are legion". I am an eternal optimist; my philosophy of life/spirituality/gratitude can probably be best summed up in the simple statement, "LIFE IS GOOD!" (Even when it's not!) I frame my days, beginning and end with this as a mantra, a sort of prayer of praise for all the blessings in my life. I look for beauty in the dark and painful places, as well as beauty in the bright and sparkling places, and the embers of hope that can be found in the shadows.

I am a recovering people pleasing perfectionist, i.e. once upon a time I used to try so very hard to make everyone else happy, and to do it perfectly so. I don't do that very much anymore. I tell my clients, and other women that if they do what is best for them, do what they know is TRULY best for them in their heart of hearts, in the end it will be best for everyone else as well. I have learned to say yes to that which speaks to my heart, and no to that which does not. It does not mean we will not hurt others, pain is part of the human condition and unrealistic expectations we have that people will always be as kind as we are, that people can return in kind that which we have done for them, that people will always sacrifice their own happiness to make us happy, that people will perform as we wish them to perform, say the words we want them to say. I had unrealistic expectations of myself once upon a time.

To win Leonid, leave a comment on this post and I will draw randomly on Monday morning HERE ON THIS BLOG and post the winner here.   Please feel free to share with friends and allow them a chance to bring Leonid home.

Life is good!


  1. good morning dear Luna, love this post! I want to leave this comment cuz I liked this post imbued with your wisdom and "joie de vivre", as per usual! Since I am lucky enough to have some of your delightful work, no need to put my name in the hat as I would love for someone else to have your sweet piece of whimsey!

    xoxo beloved one

  2. You have a really demanding and amazing job. Wow! I applaud you!:) Thanks for sharing your life story and thanks for the chance to win your fab giveaway. :)

  3. commenting to show my support!! no need to put me in the draw as I also have some of your lovely work and want to share the wealth! Have a lovely lovely weekend!

  4. A very heartfelt , inspiring post Luna. I both envy, and do not envy you your job. Being in a position to bring hope to those who are suffering, yet having to risk not being able to help. You must be a very balanced soul indeed. Bless you in all your efforts, and may the universe lend you more time for your art :D XXX

  5. I'm not gonna say a whole lot, cuz you already know how much I love ya!

  6. When your sparkle needs a little polishing, just wish upon that amazing star you've created. I got really closed to my screen to look at it--she is so beautiful! I love the dark colors you chose, I want to touch it.

  7. What a great post, it was great to learn all about your wonderful perspective! Count me in on your beautiful giveaway! I'll be back to hear more about how life is good!

  8. You are such a wise woman. When I read:

    "I tell my clients, and other women that if they do what is best for them, do what they know is TRULY best for them in their heart of hearts, in the end it will be best for everyone else as well."

    I found myself nodding sagely. It was a lesson I had to learn too. Sometimes in trying to please everyone we do forget about ourselves!

    I would love to catch a falling star - well maybe not a real one (bit big and hot!) but a darling doll one!

  9. Oh Luna, what a lovely post. I'm so thankful for the chance to get to know you better. -Karen

  10. As a classroom teacher, thank you for helping families- that is something that must be challenging but so very helpful to the kids. A recovering people pleasing perfectionist- so there is light at the other end of that tunnel! Yeah! I am working my way out of the self created trap of that. Leonid is beautiful!

  11. You seem like such a beautiful giving person - if anyone should be celebrating themself it's you! And your Leonid is beautiful...

  12. An honest and beautiful post. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I know I couldn't do what you do. The world is lucky that there are people like you who are willing to work in that "combat zone". May you be showered with many blessings!

    Leonid is marvelous.

  13. Beautiful post, Luna. Your joy of living is intoxicating! :))
    Thank you for sharing!

  14. I think it is a true testament to your nature that even after a career of seeing some less than happy still believe in the magic and wondrous possibilities of Life!

    I say the people you help are so fortunate to have you on their side!

    Your doll is just precious, too! Get that Etsy Shop open :)

  15. Hi Luna.. it s cool to know you better..
    Your doll is really beautiful and I also love your blog that I just discovered today :)
    Enjoy your day

  16. Hello Luna, so nice to meet your 18 year old self ;) Love your post and your story and your lovely giveaway ! I use a little motto for my workshops: Stay Young, make ArT !!!
    It's all about the inside ♥

  17. Luna - you have like the best name & you should toot about that too! What a wonderful insightful post from someone generous enough to share her wisdom! Love your work & art combo & I feel you have found a very balanced & rewarding way to combine (& enjoy) both, so well done! Love to be put in the giveaway hat too - wishing... wishing... ;) Have a magical weeekend :)

  18. Luna,
    you are so open and real.

    all of the people i love most are real.

    i'm late and remiss in visiting and commenting. it's travis' fault for coming home and being disruptive all weekend (:

    also, that wedding...

    i didn't have to cut any throats.

    in case you were concerned.


  19. Hello, nice to meet you LUNA..what an amazing name! I love it..I like this is right up my alley!

    You are very kindhearted with a job like yours..

    Thank you for looking out for the children of this world..they need you and more people need to be more like you.

    Hugs and have a good day

  20. I love that you don't define your spirit by your age. I think my spirit stopped aging around 21! I just don't relate to the number assigned to me each year! Glad that you joined in and hope I win your doll!