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Monday, April 9, 2012

I had the best weekend!


I had the best weekend!! I left later than I planned on Friday as I had some work things I had to get done since I was going to be on vacation this week.  I stopped at Target in Grand Forks to get some gifts for Ashlyn's birthday and a gift card so he could buy her something that she needs, if anything. I didn't get to Michael's as I'd hoped as the crowds at Target were nuts!  I got to Fargo to John's about 8:00. Noah and Kay had arrived earlier

Ashlyn was so excited when I got there. We had a lovely evening playing hide 'n seek and reading stories.  She had been telling people all day, "Grammy's coming tonight. She'll read me stories and play with me."

I stayed up til 2:00 visiting with John and his friends. I met his girlfriend Kasey. She and John are trying to work things out. I really hope they do. She's awesome! Smart, witty, funny, independent, not to mention beautiful, obviously in love with John, and he with her. They just have some bumps and baggage from their previous relationships to work out. I really hope they can work it out, I feel good about it. I really liked her a lot! 

Saturday was a great day! We stayed at a hotel about 15 minutes from Fargo where they had a small water park. Her godparents, Jay and Nancy, Laurie and Jason, and Jodi were there, and Uncle Noah and Auntie Kay were there. She's the only child in that whole circle of friends, so she's doted on, though there weren't any other kids there, the plethora of little ones in the shallow part made it seem as if there were. We all donned Dora party hats when it was time for birthday cake. Ashlyn told Auntie Nancy "I love my birthday party!"  Ashlyn wore out 4 of us in the pool (Daddy, Auntie Nancy, Uncle Noah and me) for the 3 hours we were there. She loved the water park and eventually got brave enough to go down the slide by herself with one of us there to catch her at the bottom. She asked for a chocolate birthday cake, and we had pizza poolside. She was overtired and was in the process of getting sick, I sat with her a couple of hours that night so that John could go hang out with his bro and friends for a while . She started coming down with a cold Saturday, and then after we'd all gone to bed, (much earlier than the previous night! I was in bed reading by 11:00 Saturday night) started throwing up in the wee hours, John cleaned her up and took her home. She threw up a couple of more times after she got home, and was going with her mom to her other grandma's yesterday afternoon.

I left the hotel about 8:00 and headed home. I got home about 12:30. Tom doesn't do so well without me. He overslept yesterday morning, didn't make it to the 6:00 service and was late for the Easter Cantata that started at 6:45. He didn't wake up when his alarm went off, didn't hear the phones ringing or people knocking on the door. He woke up when he heard the dog barking.  They had called the sheriff to come check it out. Luckily he got up in time for them to call and tell them he was okay and not to come. But SOOOOOOO embarrassing for him!  He made it to church in time for his solo. LOL The two services after that went well for him. He doesn't sleep well when I'm not here and locks the doors when I'm away so they couldn't just come in and wake him up. He must have been sleeping really soundly! 

We both took naps yesterday afternoon and slept about 3 hours. After dinner we watched Game of Thrones and had a nice quiet evening. Julie and Noah called last night to wish Tom a Happy Easter. It was so good to sleep in my own bed last night. I slept like a baby!

I have all of this week off. Today I'm going to be lazy and will probably put pajamas on after I shower. Really looking forward to a lazy quiet day. I'm making Easter dinner tonight since Tom forgot to take the lamb chops out of the freezer for last night's dinner. Other than that, I plan to read, maybe clean off the art table to make room for new projects. 


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