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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Enjoying a Quiet Vacation

I've had a couple of really lovely lazy days! How I needed them!

Monday Tom and I went out for lunch, I came home and changed into PJs, settled into the recliner, to read, fell asleep for 3 hours, woke up to eat a light dinner, watched a little TV, read some more, and slept like a baby Monday night.

Yesterday the most energetic thing I did was to make a batch of yogurt in the yogurt maker. :-) I spent the day reading and listening to music, watched a little TV with Tom last night, and read some more. I finished The Girl Who Stepped On A Hornet's Nest. How sad that there are not more of Larsson's books. :-( What a pity that he died so young.

I started reading THE HUNGER GAMES last night. Still waiting for the movie to come to our little theater in Baudette. But then again, I might just wait until it's on one of the premium movie channels or Pay Per View.

I have not been online much other than to check e-mail and Facebook a couple of times. NO work phone, Tom will screen calls for me too. This semi-hermitage is exactly what I needed to refill and recharge. Reading, listening to beautiful music, doodling, dreaming, napping, living in PJs, it's been bliss! The weather has been cold and gray, snowflakes in the air not conducive to wanting to do much more than coccoon. Today is sunny and blue skied. I have more energy today.

We made burritos for dinner last night with refried black beans and seasoned TVP and all the garnishes. Yum! I made an Easter S'More with one of the chocolate bunnies leftover from what I'd bought as Easter treats for the families I work with, and some peeps that Tom got on Sunday from one of the kids at the country church. That was fun! LOL Aside from a bag of chocolate eggs I bought Tom for Easter, and the treats for families I work with I didn't buy any Easter Candy this year. The only year in as long as I can remember that I didn't make an Easter basket for someone. It seemed like overkill to make one for Ashlyn when she was having her party on Saturday and John had an enormous amount of stuff for his Easter basket for her.

I slept like a baby again last night! I had fresh yogurt with peach jam for breakfast this morning. It turned out OK, kinda grainy on the bottom, but all in all pretty good! I suspect I let it work too long. I'll be trying it again soon with a new batch. Back in the early days I used to make yogurt a couple of times a week in big batches. The smaller batch (7 6 oz jars) is just right for us. I eat more yogurt than will Tom.

Today I'm going to work on a 4X4" self portrait for a swap, and tear apart a stuffed animal to alter for a swap on Freakwerx. I never did clean off the kitchen table completely to make more art space to work in, have to do that today. I do have to do some laundry before I run out of underwear LOL.

I'm off to the shower and put on clean PJs for the day! Then off to the kitchen I go to start laundry and art play; and today I'm ACTUALLY going to use the tortilla maker I bought a couple of months ago.

Life is good!

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