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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

It seems to be either feast or famine workwise. Really quiet this week after the last month of intensity. I'm relishing the little bit of extra time I've had this week! Today is my Friday! I'm taking off work tomorrow. Tom and I plan to get away for the day tomorrow. I have so little paperwork to do this week since I have worked my hiney off the past 3 weeks getting caught up. Next week will be busier with all my clients scheduled, but I am taking a week's vacation time plus a floating holiday for next Friday, beginning 1 week from tonight so have to keep on top of paper stuff so I can mail it all in and be truly free from work for those 10 days.I'm already feeling better just having a plan to take time off. Sessions last night went much better than I expected! That was a relief! 

I got my office cleaned on Tuesday.
Yesterday I got all my art clutter off the dining room table and out of the living room.
This morning I'm going to clean off the kitchen table that's heaped with art papers, paints, and all sorts of art supplies. I haven't been able to actually work on stuff there because it's too full of crap.

Yesterday morning I did a drawing of The Big Bad Wolf for the Red Riding Hood spread in Denise's journal. I was happy with the way it turned out. I used some markers my nephew Andy gave me from his art supplies he no longer uses (He's switched to music and is awesome! I've got two very talented teen musician nephews. He and Dylan are amazing!) Well, drawing, I took two images and used the outlines to draw the body and "paws" but filled in the outlines with my own details. I'm going to work on the journal spread before I do anything else this morning so I can get it mailed soon and get on to the next project. I'm hosting and altered stuffed animal swap for Freakwerx next month.

Life is good!

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? 
I can't post this on Facebook because he's kind of a naughty wolf. :-)

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