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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Ugh!! That middle of the night thing when you have a cold, you wake up all stuffy and uncomfortable, sneezing and coughing, and can't get right back to sleep...

But I think I must be on the mend! I woke up thinking about artsy stuff.  After a cup of tea I'll take a nap in the recliner. ooops.... just realized that I turned on the coffee pot, oh well, I'll nap after a cup of coffee then. LOL

I actually am feeling better I think. I didn't get as bad a cold as Tom had, I'm recovering faster than he did. 

Tom made spaghetti with meat sauce for dinner last night, I'll make lo mein with some of the leftover pasta for dinner tonight. 

The other thing that I thought about when waking made me smile... John texted me on Blackberry Messenger last night, a humorous response to my response to my comment on his girlfriend's facebook status the other day, he wrote thanking me for "throwing him under the bus" the other day when she was stuck in her driveway and I posed a question, "Don't you know someone in West Fargo with a snowblower and a truck to get it there?" (He doesn't have ramps to get the snowblower in the back of the pickup but he did go over and shovel her drive for her. What a guy!). He went on to tell us to put April 8th on our calendar for a birthday party for Ashlyn. Of course it's EASTER Sunday dammit! which means no way Tom can take off from that! I get so darned tired of this whole church thing!  This would be the first birthday party, her 3rd, for Ashlyn we've been invited to. Since the divorce we have come to find out that the Ex didn't want us there for special occasions. She really was a controlling woman. But John is so happy these days! He went on to say that he loved us so much and thanked us for being his parents and "...making me capable of catching a girl like Kasey. We will be married when I can afford a ring!" I texted back asking him if he wanted a loan for a ring. He said he might depending on what time of year it was... credit rating and financial changes since the divorce etc,.. and then said, "Marriage is imminent. It's not the same as me and Angie, it's a whole different thing."  We couldn't be happier for him! As a parent, loving our kids the way we do, I doubt there are few things that can make us happier than seeing our children truly happy.  I am smiling now as I write this. Isn't it miraculous at times in life? Miraculous when something that seems so awful, so horrible, so painful as July 6th last summer can turn into something so fresh and beautiful, and even better than what was before? My son is a phoenix!  It's filling my heart with joy to see him rise from the ashes of the double betrayal of wife and best friend, to test his wings and take flight again.  He is always so happy these days! Kasey's never been married and wants children, John has always wanted more children, Angie did not, so I hope they get married soon and start having lots more grandbabies for me to love and cherish! Ashlyn Rose needs a brother or sister! LOL

Well, coffee cup is empty, the Benedryl has stopped my sneezing and I'm drowsy again so I'm off to nap. Hopefully next time I post I will have spent some time at the art table.

Happy Saturday All!!

Life is good!

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