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Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday...Glorious Friday!!

Dear Universe, 
Thank you for Friday! I so needed this one!
I've been working on paperwork for a couple of hours and will work a couple more before Tom and I go out for breakfast. Then we'll go to Baudette to pick up a few perishable groceries, prescriptions at the drug store and then home. 

It's been a draining week and frustrating, I've had 5 NO SHOW appointments which meant more time on the road as I try to schedule in clusters to make the most of my time, instead it meant more trips to town. Clients have cancelled last minute, or not been there at all when I got there, due to illness, spring fever, and what I call "tax return fever" where in they are out and about spending the money they got back for taxes. They all wait for this ship to come in each year to catch up on bills and buy things for their kids and houses, a few luxuries that a lot of us take for granted. I know what it's like, we were that poor once upon a time. So while I'm understanding about all that and would not rob them of these small joys, it sure made my life more hectic. LOL  

With the clients I did see this week, with the exception of one family who has worked very hard and has made tremendous progress over the past 2 years, I have felt very ineffective, discouraged, in work with the others. I need a vacation badly but the timing and the $$ are just not great for that at the moment, so I'm taking  a mini vacation this weekend by retreating into art and play. I may take some extra time off around Easter next month. Hopefully Tom and I can get away for a night or two alone without a lot of interruptions, catch a movie, do a tiny bit of shopping. It's been two years since I bought any clothes and they 're starting to look a bit worn. 

We had a man from the church here 3 days in a row installing the new oven in the parsonage kitchen. I tested it out last night making Mexican Fish. Yum!! It's a fun new toy! Tom forgot he had men's night at church last night so he was disappointed not to get to try out the new oven, and sad he missed the Mexican Fish. (EASY PEASY recipe, just place 1 1/2 lbs of cod/perch/pike filets in baking pan, spread 1 cup salsa over that, sprinkle 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese over that, and top with 1/2 to 1 cup crushed tortilla chips, bake uncovered in 400 degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes until fish is done. It's really delicious,) Lucky for him there's a huge serving or two left over for his lunch today.

I spent half an hour yesterday beginning the first of two spreads in Denise Hunter's journal for Circle Jerk's round robin. I tried out my new Derwent Inktense blocks to lay down color. They're pretty cool! I need to add some layers today, and may do some "tangling" on the pages over the colors. That is so relaxing. 

I want to finish the little artsy things I started last weekend for friends who sent me something for my 60th year book.

There will be some play with rubber stamps and foam stamps in the works this weekend. 

A friend of my sister's on Facebook has offered to gift me with wooden blocks for stamps, I want to do something artsy for her in exchange.

Tomorrow the thrift store is open in the morning so I'm going to go buy a couple of stuffed animals that I can alter for the Freakwerx exchange that I'm hosting next month.

The house is sorely in need of some attention as usual. How does it get this bad with just two people and 1 dog? I do have to spend a couple of hours this weekend cleaning my office! It looks almost post-apocalyptic! ;-)

The cooking bug has struck me too. It's therapeutic for me, a different kind of creativity.
Tomorrow is St. Paddy's day so I will be cooking corned beef and cabbage etc, with some apple cake and Irish Soda bread. 
I also need to cook beans as I've used up all I have in the freezer. I've got dried garbanzos, pintos, black beans, kidney beans (thinking red beans and rice for them!) I also have lentils, and some split peas that will be soup with a piece of turkey ham I put in the freezer for that purpose a while back. I'm thinking that for dinner tonight we'll have a vegetarian shepherd's pie to use up rutabaga, parsnips and turnips that I have in the veggie drawer, and freeze the leftovers for another meal some busy night. (It freezes pretty well!) 

I want to play with making a doll or two soon. I am missing that!

Time to get dressed and then get back to work before breakfast. 

Hopefully the next time I post I'll have something artsy to share.

Life is good!

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