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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Fake Interview by The Authentic Amy

Interviewed by my friend, Amy McDonald,

Amy:  what is your favorite kind of cheese?  what are your thoughts on smelly cheeses?
Luna: My favorite cheese is Feta. It's fun to say and makes amazing pizza with sundried tomatoes. Smelly cheese? Limburger cheese is foul!  Limburger is perhaps the most popular of all smelly cheeses. It is fermented using Brevibacterium linens, a bacterium partly responsible for the smell of the human body. As a result, when people say limburger smells like human feet they are scientifically correct.

Amy:  marmite or vegemite? 
Luna: I must confess that I live in a culinary desert, I've never had the experience of eating Marmite. I did have a jar of vegemite once up on a time, a gift from Aussie friends, I thought it was "meh", I could take it or leave it. 

Amy:  are you afraid of midgets?
Luna: Not really, but I can't stop staring rudely, I find them fascinating

Amy:  do you hate the lady that works at the post office?
Luna:: No, our postmaster Vicki and her clerk Muriel are very nice and get almost as excited as I when I'm mailing or receiving artsy packages. Vicki is always disappointed if I don't let her see what I'm mailing off for art swaps..

Amy: wine: red or white
Luna: White Zin, just about every other kind of wine gives me migraines. I prefer spending quality time with Captain Morgan.

Amy:  do you hold a grudge?
Luna: Rarely, unless someone has messed with my husband or my children. GRRRRR!

Amy:  what are you addicted to?
Luna: Chocolate, cigarettes, coffee, Pepsi Max, books, buying art supplies, the internet (Blog-reading, Pinterest, Facebook)

Amy:  who do you think is more evil - verizon or at&t.  you can't say they are equal you have to  choose:
Luna: I have Verizon for my work cellphone, DH and I have AT&T for our personal cellphones. I know you said that I can't say they're both evil, but they are parasitic suckers of money. However I would have to go with Verizon here as it's damned expensive for the simple Un-smart work phone I have. 

Amy: deserted island. one food and one food only for the rest of your life.  what's it gonna be?
Luna:Black Beans!



  1. i LOVE black beans.
    I like feta too, and agree, it makes a most tasty pizza.
    god i haven't had a good pizza in a long time.

    I am terrified of the midgets.

  2. Hey there Luna, just popped in from Amy's blog to read your answers, all good fun, except Vegimite is AWESOME he he, they wean us on Vegimite in Australia, straight from the bottle, just attach a teat LOL, I think you have to have it from birth to really appreciate that black salty goodness ;) I love feta too, & black beans... now that sounds yummy! Pleased I dropped by & jealous you have a nice person in your post office!!