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Saturday, March 10, 2012

30 Balloons!!

30 Balloons!! by northwoodsluna
30 Balloons!!, a photo by northwoodsluna on Flickr.

Our young friend Nettie turned 30 yesterday. We were invited to join family and friends to help her celebrate at The Nighthawk in Roosevelt MN last night. Our gift to her from Tom, myself, and our daughter Julie Wren, one of her best friends from High School, was 30 balloons filled with currency that she had to pop to get the cash. She thoroughly enjoyed this as did just about all the adults at the party. There were yummy cupcakes and sweet treats provided to go along with the beverages we purchased at the bar. I was exhausted so one Captain 'N Diet did me in, so we only stayed about an hour. But it was a blast!! We had so much fun! So glad we went!

But note to any who might think of trying this at home ;-), the round balloons blow up easier than the long skinny ones, and for Gawd's sake get an air pump to blow up the damn balloons! Just saying... LOL

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